Zunheboto prepares for peaceful Urban Local Bodies election

Zunheboto prepares for peaceful Urban Local Bodies election

As the Urban Local Bodies (ULB) election approaches, Zunheboto district is diligently preparing to maintain its well-established reputation for peaceful electoral conduct. The district administration, security forces, and civil society organisations (CSOs) are collaborating to ensure a smooth and fair election process.

The 2nd district level coordination meeting, presided over by Deputy Commissioner Rahul Bhanudas Mali, brought together key stakeholders to emphasise the importance of preserving the district’s tranquil environment. Mali acknowledged the appreciation Zunheboto district and its citizens have received for maintaining a peaceful atmosphere during previous elections and urged all stakeholders to uphold this commendable tradition.

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Additional Secretary & Election Observer Yanpvuthung Kikon called for cooperation from all CSOs to facilitate a fair and peaceful election. He cautioned candidates against misusing resources, stressing that any unfair means will not be tolerated. Kikon emphasised the significance of conducting the election with integrity and transparency.

Superintendent of Police Kupe Kapfo outlined the security arrangements for the upcoming election, with security personnel divided into four sectors and closely monitored by the head office. Kapfo appealed to candidates to discourage the use of intoxicants and reminded them that their decision to contest is a noble cause, and their efforts should reflect the same.

ADC & Returning Officer for ULB Elections, Keyirangding Hegui, briefed the attendees on the Model Code of Conduct. He called upon the Gaon Buras (village heads), town council members, election officials, government officials, and all other concerned parties to ensure free and fair elections in the district. Hegui emphasised the importance of adhering to the guidelines set forth by the Election Commission of India.

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The meeting showcased the commitment of various stakeholders to maintain Zunheboto’s reputation for peaceful elections. By working together and adhering to the Model Code of Conduct, the district aims to set an example for the rest of the state and the country. The collaborative efforts of the administration, candidates, and citizens are expected to result in a free, fair, and peaceful electoral process.

Zunheboto’s dedication to maintaining a peaceful environment during elections serves as a model for other regions, highlighting the power of cooperation and commitment to democratic values. The district’s citizens are encouraged to actively participate in the electoral process while upholding the principles of fairness and tranquillity that have become synonymous with Zunheboto’s elections.

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As the Urban Local Bodies election draws near, Zunheboto district stands united in its resolve to conduct another successful and peaceful election. The district administration, security forces, and CSOs are working tirelessly to ensure that the electoral process is carried out smoothly, allowing the citizens to exercise their democratic rights without any hindrance.

The people of Zunheboto are proud of their legacy of peaceful elections and are determined to maintain this tradition. With the support and cooperation of all stakeholders, the district is poised to set an example for the entire nation, demonstrating that free and fair elections can be conducted in a peaceful and harmonious manner.

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