Kicükiri Clinic opens in Kohima, offering top-notch veterinary services

Kicükiri Clinic

In a significant development for pet owners and livestock farmers in Kohima, the city recently witnessed the inauguration of a state-of-the-art veterinary clinic named “Kicükiri Clinic.” The dedication ceremony, held on 7 June 2024, was graced by Rev Zotou Kiewhuo, Senior Pastor of Koinonia Baptist Church & Principal Kohima Bible College. Situated above Clover Dental Clinic near Sainik Bhawan, Sepfüzou, Kohima, the clinic aims to revolutionise veterinary care in the region.

Expert Leadership and Modern Facilities

At the helm of Kicükiri Clinic is Dr. R. Talimoa Mollier, a highly qualified veterinary specialist with a post-graduate degree in veterinary microbiology from Hyderabad. Dr. Talimoa’s expertise extends to pig artificial insemination and piggery development, making him an invaluable asset to the clinic and the community it serves.

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The clinic boasts an impressive array of modern facilities, including an in-house laboratory, conventional radio diagnosis, separate areas for healthy and infected pets, a dedicated operation theatre, bloodless surgery options, patient monitors, and specialised diagnostic devices calibrated for animals.

Additionally, Kicükiri Clinic offers pet grooming, day care, and in-patient facilities, as well as consulting and hand-holding services for livestock farmers.

A Call to Care for All Creatures

During the dedication ceremony, Rev Zotou Kiewhuo emphasised the importance of caring for all of God’s creations, including animals. He encouraged everyone to contribute towards making Nagaland self-sufficient in livestock products and urged veterinarians to assist and educate farmers to the best of their abilities.

Vipralhou Kesiezie, former Chairman of NPSC and former director of SCERT, lauded the new generation of educated Nagas venturing into entrepreneurship. He congratulated Dr. Talimoa on the opening of the clinic and encouraged the team to extend their services beyond the clinic to benefit farmers.

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A Boon for Pet Lovers and Livestock Farmers

Dr. Medem, former Additional Director of H&FW, expressed hope that the clinic would be a boon for pet lovers and livestock farmers in and around Kohima. The dedication programme was attended by family members, well-wishers, farmers, and pet lovers, signifying the widespread support and enthusiasm for the new clinic.

Dr. Talimoa shared his journey as a veterinary student, which began in 2007 at Khanapara under Assam Agricultural University. His passion for animal care and dedication to providing quality veterinary services have been the driving force behind the establishment of this state-of-the-art clinic in Kohima.

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A New Chapter in Veterinary Care

The opening of Kicükiri Clinic marks a significant milestone in the availability of advanced veterinary care in Kohima. With its expert staff, modern facilities, and commitment to serving the community, the clinic is poised to become a trusted name in animal healthcare in the region.

As Kohima welcomes this new addition to its healthcare landscape, pet owners and livestock farmers can rest assured that their animals will receive the highest quality care and attention at Kicükiri Clinic. The clinic’s dedication to the well-being of all creatures, coupled with its state-of-the-art facilities and expert staff, promises to set a new standard for veterinary care in Nagaland.

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