About Us

Welcome to Hornbill Herald, an independent news site rooted in Nagaland, India. Launched on 2nd April 2024, our heart lies in uplifting the Naga community and bringing their stories to a wider Indian audience.

With a commitment to insightful news that delves beyond the surface, we aim to uncover and narrate the stories impacting our region. Our dedication is towards celebrating Nagaland’s rich culture while maintaining accuracy and fairness in our reporting.

Meet the Team

Meet the passionate individuals behind Hornbill Herald, each bringing unique expertise and dedication to our mission.

Luna Awomi, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, leads our journey with over 5 years of experience in journalism. Luna’s work has garnered awards for excellence in reporting on regional issues. Her vision is to make Hornbill Herald a beacon for Naga stories globally. She is a writer with a passion for storytelling and a keen interest in the world around her. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Journalism and Digital Media to further develop her writing skills.

Librato Achumi, a Digital Marketing student with a keen interest in exploring the intersection of marketing and journalism. His passion for news writing fuels his drive to craft compelling digital content that informs and engages audiences.

Our Mission

Hornbill Herald stands out as the go-to source for news and stories from Nagaland for several reasons:

Deep Local Insights: Our team’s roots and expertise in Nagaland give us an unparalleled depth of understanding. We offer perspectives you won’t find elsewhere.

Balanced Reporting: Integrity drives our journalistic process. We dedicate ourselves to accuracy, ensuring every report is fair and thorough.

Innovative Storytelling: With plans to introduce multimedia storytelling, we’re at the forefront of bringing engaging content that brings Naga culture and issues to life in vivid detail.

Community Focus: We believe in lifting up voices from our region. Reader engagement is central to our mission, shaping how we report and what stories we tell.

Choosing Hornbill Herald means supporting journalism that cares deeply about its subjects and strives to make a difference through informed, responsible reporting.

What We Offer

Hornbill Herald brings you:

  • Up-to-date news on politics, development, society, and more.
  • Thoughtful analysis and opinion pieces from diverse perspectives.
  • Features that dive into the heart of Naga culture, traditions, and the arts.
  • Opportunities to engage with our stories and share your voice.

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