SBAK-Aizuto Organises Three-Day Pastors’ Retreat in Zunheboto

SBAK-Aizuto Organises Three-Day Pastors' Retreat in Zunheboto

97 pastors from the Sumi Baptist Akukuhou Kughakulu (SBAK-Aizuto) congregated at the picturesque Aizuto Tourist Destination in Zunheboto, Nagaland, for a three-day pastors’ recreation event. The gathering, held under the theme “He restores my soul,” aimed to provide a platform for spiritual rejuvenation and fellowship among the clergy.

The event commenced on 15 April with a dedication prayer led by Rev. Dr. Daniel Chishi, the executive secretary of SBAK-Aizuto, for the Tourist Cottage. Originally constructed on 25 November, 2008, the cottage, now named “Aizuto Tourist Destination,” had faced challenges due to inadequate maintenance over the years.

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However, the unwavering efforts of the Aizuto Mission Centre and the generous contributions from churches across twelve villages breathed new life into the facility, enabling significant repairs and renovations.

T Kakihe Sumi, the joint director of the Tourism department, graced the event as a special guest and emphasised the moral responsibility of citizens in safeguarding government properties for sustainable development.

He commended Dr. Daniel Chishi and the Aizuto Mission Centre for their dedication in revitalising the tourist destination and called for continued community support to promote tourism and generate sustainable growth in the region.

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During his address, Sumi also highlighted the upcoming 125 years of Christianity celebration within the Sumi community. He encouraged stakeholders to reflect on their roles and uphold the true principles of Christianity for the collective benefit of the community.

The joint director stressed the importance of unity and the need for the church to be a driving force for positive change and development in society.

The three-day event proved to be a resounding success, with pastors engaging in various activities such as prayers, seminars, campaigns, and worship. The tranquil surroundings of the Aizuto Tourist Destination provided the perfect setting for spiritual rejuvenation and strengthening the bonds of fellowship among the attendees.

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The Sumi Baptist community’s commitment to preserving and enhancing the Aizuto Tourist Destination showcases how faith and development can work together harmoniously.

With the support of the Tourism department and the dedication of leaders like Dr. Daniel Chishi, the region is well-positioned for growth and prosperity, both spiritually and economically.

The pastors’ recreation event at Aizuto Tourist Destination not only provided a much-needed opportunity for spiritual renewal but also highlighted the importance of community collaboration in promoting sustainable development.

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As the Sumi Baptist community celebrates 125 years of Christianity, this gathering serves as a reminder of the power of unity and the role of the church in driving positive change in society.

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