Skill development workshop in Zunheboto to tackle unemployment crisis

Skill development workshop in Zunheboto to tackle unemployment crisis

Pinnacle Skills Institution, in collaboration with the district administration of Zunheboto, organised a one-day workshop on skill development at VDB Hall, Zunheboto, on May 25. This initiative aims to address the alarming unemployment rates in the region.

Empowering the Vulnerable

Extra Assistant Commissioner Chinglem Konyak, the special guest at the event, highlighted the critical role of skill development in combating unemployment. He emphasised that the district administration, along with Pinnacle Skills Institution, is committed to empowering vulnerable sections of society. Their primary focus is on educated unemployed individuals, girls, women, and those in need of employment skills within the Zunheboto district.

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Pinnacle Skills Institution’s Mission

Bothuka S Kiho, the centre manager of Pinnacle Skills Institution in Zunheboto, shared insights into the institution’s mission since its inception in 2021. The institution aims to serve as a conduit for employment by providing training in various skills such as tailoring, baking, and beautician services, including makeup and hair cutting.

These training programmes are offered at minimal rates, and housekeeping training is provided free of cost, complete with job placements. Kiho assured that trainees would receive certification upon successful completion of their training programmes.

Upcoming Training Initiatives

In a significant announcement, the district administration and Pinnacle Skills Institution revealed plans to initiate a free month-long tailoring training programme for all interested candidates. This programme is set to begin in the last week of May 2024. This initiative is expected to provide valuable skills and job opportunities to participants, further contributing to the reduction of unemployment in the region.

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Practical Demonstrations

The workshop, chaired by Hitokali K Chophy, concluded with practical demonstrations from the trainers. Vilika Sumi showcased baking techniques, Kughatoli Awomi demonstrated tailoring skills, and Huto Zhimo provided insights into beautician services. These demonstrations offered attendees a glimpse into the practical applications of the skills being taught.

A Step Towards Employment

This collaborative effort between Pinnacle Skills Institution and the district administration of Zunheboto marks a significant step towards equipping the local population with essential skills. By focusing on skill development, the initiative aims to enhance employability and address the pressing issue of unemployment in the region.

The workshop not only provided valuable training but also instilled hope and confidence among the participants, paving the way for a brighter future.

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The skill development workshop in Zunheboto is a testament to the power of collaboration in addressing societal challenges. By empowering individuals with practical skills, the initiative is creating pathways to employment and economic stability.

As the region looks forward to the upcoming training programmes, there is a renewed sense of optimism and determination to overcome the unemployment crisis.

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