GHSS Hakushang to welcome first Class XI batch in 2024

GHSS Hakushang to welcome first Class XI batch in 2024

The upgradation of Government High School (GHS) Hakushang to a Government Higher Secondary School (GHSS) has brought a wave of relief to students and parents in Tuensang, Nagaland.

This significant development is expected to alleviate the chronic shortage of Class XI seats that has plagued the district for years, providing a glimmer of hope for the aspiring youth.

Tuensang has long grappled with the challenge of accommodating the growing number of students seeking admission to Class XI. With only four higher secondary schools – two government-run and two privately owned – the district has struggled to meet the ever-increasing demand for seats.

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In 2022, the situation reached a breaking point when approximately 180 students were left without a place to continue their education, as GHSS Tuensang and GHSS Thangjam, the only two state-run higher secondary schools, were filled to capacity and beyond.

Amidst this crisis, the Chang Wedoshi Setshang (CWS), the apex student body of the Chang tribe, emerged as a beacon of hope. The organisation has been at the forefront of advocating for a permanent solution to the admission crisis, going above and beyond to ensure that no student is left behind.

In a remarkable display of commitment, the CWS took matters into their own hands in 2022, building an additional classroom at GHSS Thangjam using their own funds. This noble effort allowed 100 students to secure a place in the school, while the remaining 80 were admitted to GHSS Tuensang, albeit at the cost of overcrowding and compromising the study environment.

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The tide began to turn when the Department of School Education, Nagaland, gave the green light for the upgradation of GHS Hakushang to a higher secondary level. This decision has been met with great enthusiasm and anticipation, as GHSS Hakushang prepares to welcome its first batch of Class XI students (Arts Stream) in 2024.

Hari Prasad Gupta, the Assistant Headmaster of GHSS Hakushang, shared the school’s plans to enrol 50-60 students, utilising the Educational Block Resource Centre (EBRC) Hall as a temporary classroom until proper infrastructure can be put in place.

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The urgency of the situation became even more apparent in 2023 when a staggering 780 students applied for admission against the mere 370 available seats in the two GHSSs. Faced with this overwhelming demand, the CWS took a stand, halting the admission process and demanding a permanent solution.

Langasomba Chang, the Vice President of CWS, passionately highlighted the far-reaching impact of the crisis on parents’ financial stability and various aspects of life. Many matriculates were left with no choice but to seek education outside the district, placing an immense burden on families and communities.

The upgradation of GHS Hakushang to a higher secondary level has been hailed as a boon for the student community in Tuensang Town. The CWS expressed heartfelt gratitude to all the individuals, departments, and organisations, particularly the elected representative, for their unwavering support in making this upgradation a reality. The collective efforts of all stakeholders have paved the way for a brighter future for the youth of Tuensang.

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The upgradation is not just a victory for the students and their families but also a testament to the power of community, perseverance, and the unwavering commitment to education.

With more students now able to pursue their higher secondary education within the district, the financial and emotional strain on families will be reduced, and the youth of Tuensang can look forward to a future filled with opportunities and growth.

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