Tuensang Village and Sumi Youth Organization Stand with ENPO, ENWO and ENSF in Pursuit of Frontier Nagaland

SYO Supports ENPO, ENWO, ENSF's Frontier Nagaland Demand

The Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organisation (ENPO), Eastern Nagaland Women Organisation (ENWO), Eastern Naga Students’ Federation (ENSF), and the Sumi Youth Organisation (SYO) held a solidarity meeting at the CKS Hall in Tuensang, Nagaland on April 13, 2024. The meeting aimed to strengthen their united stance on the long-standing demand for a separate state called “Frontier Nagaland.”

Prior to the meeting, the ENPO, ENWO, and ENSF team visited Tuensang village on April 12 to discuss with village citizens and convey the Eastern Nagaland public’s decision to refrain from participating in central and state elections until the Frontier Nagaland issue is resolved. The Tuensang village citizens expressed their full support for this position.

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On April 13, the SYO delegation, consisting of President Hikavi H Kinimi, Vice President Hukaito Zhimomi, General Secretary Bokalu V Jimo, and seven other members, made a solidarity visit to the ENPO, ENWO, and ENSF. The delegation affirmed their commitment to support the people of Eastern Nagaland during their challenges and difficulties.

The ENPO has been demanding a separate state, “Frontier Nagaland,” since 2010, citing socio-economic backwardness and neglect of the region as the main reasons.

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The central government recently proposed the formation of an autonomous council for the six eastern districts of Nagaland, which the ENPO has accepted without insisting on dividing the state.

However, due to the delay in settling the Frontier Nagaland issue, the ENPO has decided to abstain from participating in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, scheduled for April 19, 2024. The organisation and its associated groups have declared a “public emergency” in the region and have been organising various meetings and rallies to press for their demand.

The Nagaland government has recommended the formation of an autonomous region for the eastern districts, while the Governor has acknowledged the historical and geographical factors contributing to the region’s underdevelopment.

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The solidarity meeting between the ENPO, ENWO, ENSF, and SYO highlights the united stance of various organisations in Eastern Nagaland to pursue their demand for a separate state or autonomous region.

The Eastern Nagaland organisations’ efforts to secure a separate state or autonomous region for their region reflect their dedication to the welfare and development of their people. The outcome of their endeavours will likely have a significant impact on the future of Nagaland and its inhabitants.

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As the Frontier Nagaland issue continues to develop, the solidarity and resolve shown by the Eastern Nagaland organisations demonstrate their commitment to their cause. The people of Eastern Nagaland await a resolution that addresses their long-standing concerns and aspirations for a better future.

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