KCCI, WDCCI call off shutter down, businesses reopen

KCCI, WDCCI call off shutter down, businesses reopen

The Kohima Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) and the Wokha District Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WDCCI) have announced the end of their indefinite shutter down in their respective districts, following the lead of the Confederation of Nagaland Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CNCCI).

The shutter down, which had been causing disruptions to local businesses, was initially triggered by a charter of demands put forth by the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce (DCCI). One of the key demands was the criminalisation of unauthorised summons of the business community by non-governmental groups.

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The Nagaland government responded by clarifying that only statutory bodies and law enforcement agencies have the authority to issue such summons, and any summons by other groups are considered illegal.

The decision to lift the shutter down has been met with relief and gratitude from the business community, the public, and various organisations. KCCI and WDCCI expressed their appreciation for the support and solidarity shown during the shutter down period, emphasising the importance of continued cooperation moving forward.

The CNCCI played a vital role in coordinating with the various district chambers of commerce, ensuring a unified approach to addressing the issues faced by the business community across Nagaland.

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Their efforts were instrumental in bringing about the resolution of the charter of demands, which ultimately led to the lifting of the shutter down.

The government’s assurance to address the concerns raised by the business community regarding unauthorised summons and extortion also played a significant role in the decision to end the shutter down.

This development is seen as a crucial step towards restoring confidence among business owners and the public in the region.

The resolution of the indefinite shutter down by KCCI and WDCCI, following CNCCI’s lead, is a positive development in the business landscape of Nagaland. It demonstrates the successful negotiation and collaboration between the business community and the government, aimed at creating a more secure and conducive environment for commerce and trade in the region.

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As businesses in Kohima and Wokha districts resume their operations, it is anticipated that this development will contribute to the overall economic stability of the region. The lifting of the shutter down is expected to boost business activities and foster a more favourable environment for growth and prosperity.

The end of the indefinite shutter down marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to address the concerns of the business community in Nagaland. It is a testament to the power of unity and dialogue in resolving complex issues and paves the way for a more stable and thriving business ecosystem in the region.

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