ENPO announces abstention from forthcoming ULB elections

Eastern Nagaland Peoples' Organisation

In a bold reaffirmation of their stance, the Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organisation (ENPO) has declared that it will not participate in the upcoming Urban Local Bodies (ULB) elections scheduled for June 26, 2024, in Nagaland.

This decision is part of a broader boycott that includes abstaining from all central and state elections and celebrations until the demands for the creation of the Frontier Nagaland Territory (FNT) are met.

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The roots of this steadfast decision trace back to a unanimous resolution passed on February 23, 2024, at Chenmoho village. Here, the community collectively voiced their frustration over the unfulfilled promises by the Government of India concerning the establishment of the FNT, a proposal managed through the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The ENPO’s resolution underscores a deep-seated resolve among the citizens of Eastern Nagaland to stand firm on their demands, highlighting a significant disconnect between the central authorities and the regional aspirations.

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The ENPO’s move is not just a political statement but a poignant reflection of the community’s yearning for autonomy and recognition. By stepping back from the electoral process, they aim to send a clear message to the central government about the urgency of their demands.

This act of withdrawal from the democratic process is a powerful reminder of the lengths to which they are willing to go to secure their political and territorial aspirations.

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As the date of the ULB elections approaches, the eyes of the nation are now on Eastern Nagaland, watching to see how this bold strategy will influence the broader dialogue between the state and the central government.

The hope among the people of Eastern Nagaland is that their collective voice will finally catalyse the action needed to turn their long-standing territorial aspirations into reality.

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