Parting Socials at Baptist College and Fazl Ali College

Parting Socials at Baptist College and Fazl Ali College

Baptist College, Kohima, and Fazl Ali College, Mokokchung, recently celebrated the achievements of their outgoing students from the class of 2024 through parting social events.

These occasions marked the students’ transition from college life to the next stages of their careers, reflecting the unique cultural and educational ethos of each institution.

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Baptist College, Kohima Bids Farewell to Class of 2024

Baptist College

The 40th Parting Social of Baptist College, Kohima, held at URA Academy Hall, carried the theme ‘Embracing Today, Navigating Tomorrow’. Vice Principal Narola Chuba delivered an inspiring message, urging the students to embrace challenges, remain curious, and continue learning to make a positive impact in their future endeavours. She emphasised the importance of humility in recognising one’s strengths without arrogance and accepting weaknesses with grace.

The event saw participation from both juniors and seniors, with speeches representing both groups. Jesse Kapfo from the Department of History spoke on behalf of the juniors, while Diezenuo Chüzho and Pfütsükote Ketsu Koza from the Department of English and the outgoing President of the Student Council, respectively, spoke for the seniors.

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The parting social at Baptist College, Kohima, was an emotional yet celebratory event, with students reminiscing about their college experiences and the bonds they formed. The juniors expressed their gratitude towards the seniors for their guidance and support, while the seniors shared their hopes and aspirations for the future.

Fazl Ali College Celebrates Endings and Embraces Beginnings

Fazl Ali College

Fazl Ali College held its Parting Social under the theme ‘Beyond Goodbyes: Celebrating Endings, Embracing Beginnings’. Dr. I Wati Imchen, the principal, highlighted the transition into adulthood and encouraged the students to remember the lessons learnt during their college years and build lives that extend beyond their professional careers.

The event featured heartfelt messages from both faculty and students. Asensor, the General Secretary of FACSU, delivered a message on behalf of the students, thanking the seniors for the memories and lessons imparted.

Farewell speeches were given by Talisenep and Aosen Amer, representing the outgoing classes from the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programmes, respectively.

The parting social at Fazl Ali College was a bittersweet moment for the students, as they bid farewell to their alma mater and the friendships they had cultivated over the years. The event was filled with laughter, tears, and a sense of pride in the accomplishments of the outgoing class.

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Preparing Students for the Future

The parting socials at Baptist College and Fazl Ali College showcase the institutions’ commitment to nurturing not just academic but also personal and social development, preparing students for the complex challenges of the future. The themes chosen for each event reflect a forward-looking perspective, emphasising readiness for future challenges and the importance of transitions in life.

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