2024 NBSE HSLC results: 71.87% pass, 6-year high

2024 NBSE HSLC results: 71.87% pass, 6-year high

Nagaland’s educational landscape is celebrating a milestone as the 2024 batch of students set a new standard of excellence. The Nagaland Board of School Education’s recent announcement of the High School Leaving Certificate Examination results has sparked a wave of pride across the state.

The 2024 HSLC results have painted an optimistic picture of Nagaland’s academic future. Out of the 22,136 hopefuls, a commendable 71.87% emerged successful, marking the best performance the state has seen in six years. This surge in pass rates clearly shows the progressive strides being made in the region’s education system.

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The gender dynamics of the results were particularly noteworthy, with female students outshining their male counterparts, accounting for 51.92% of the successful candidates.

The success story extends beyond individual achievements to include district-wide accomplishments. Government schools in Kohima district led the charge with a 67% pass rate, closely followed by Tseminyu and Phek. Private schools also showcased their academic prowess, boasting an impressive 86.77% pass rate.

The Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination mirrored this trend of excellence, with the Arts stream achieving an 83.16% pass rate, Commerce at 87.67%, and Science at 80.88%.

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Mhachilo Yanthan from Christian Higher Secondary School, Dimapur, topped the HSLC exams with a staggering 98.83%. The HSSLC top scorers included Keletsole Mekro in Arts, Satyam Kumar Jaiswal in Commerce, and Narola Imsong in Science, each setting benchmarks in their respective streams. These students not only exemplify the potential within Nagaland’s youth but also motivate their peers to strive for excellence.

The 2024 batch’s performance reflects the diligent efforts of students and educators alike. It shows the effectiveness of the measures implemented by schools and the NBSE to elevate the quality of education.

The narrowing gender gap and the commendable results across various streams suggest a shift towards a more equitable and diverse academic environment.

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This year’s results are more than just numbers; they tell a story of hard work, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. They highlight the importance of quality education and its role in shaping the future of the state.

The achievements of the 2024 batch set a new precedent, raising the bar for what is possible and igniting a flame of ambition in the hearts of young learners.

As Nagaland celebrates this academic feat, it also looks ahead to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The remarkable performance of the 2024 batch is a stepping stone towards a brighter educational future, one where every student can aspire to reach their full potential. With continued focus and investment in education, the state can expect to see its youth achieve even greater heights in the years to come.

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The 2024 HSLC and HSSLC results are a cause for celebration and a reminder of the incredible potential that lies within Nagaland’s students. As the state moves forward, it is crucial to build upon this success and continue to provide the support and resources necessary for students to thrive.

With the right investments and a commitment to excellence, Nagaland’s educational landscape is poised for even greater achievements in the future.

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