No malaria cases has been recorded in Longleng since 2019

Zero malaria cases in Longleng since 2019

Longleng district in Nagaland, India has achieved a significant milestone by recording zero malaria cases since 2019. The district celebrated this achievement during the World Malaria Day cum District Task Force meeting held at the CMO Conference Hall in Longleng on 25 April 2024.

The event, organised by the National Center for Vector Borne Diseases Control (NCVBDC), brought together healthcare professionals and community leaders to discuss the district’s success and future strategies for maintaining a malaria-free environment.

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Dr. Tiameren Imchen, DVBO, proudly highlighted Longleng district’s accomplishment of recording no malaria cases for the past five years. He emphasised the importance of key interventions necessary for the district to achieve certification in Malaria Elimination and maintain its status.

Dr. Imchen encouraged the Malaria Elimination team to diligently monitor and supervise the entire district and respective Health Units to ensure the accuracy of reports and maintain the highest standards of quality. He stressed the need for continued vigilance and proactive measures to prevent any resurgence of the disease.

EAC Imkongnukla Ao, who spoke at the event, stressed the significance of sanitation in preventing the spread of malaria. She urged attendees to use long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) regularly and fill up ditches and unwanted water collection sites in and around their localities.

These simple yet effective measures can significantly reduce the risk of malaria transmission and maintain a healthy environment for the community.

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The programme also recognised the outstanding contributions of ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) workers and Surveillance Workers. T. Ale Phom from Auching Village, Longleng Block, and K Yimet from Block Yongnyah Village were awarded first and second place, respectively, for their exceptional work as ASHA workers.

B. Nyakpa Phom from Tamlu block and Longting T Yongnyah Block were honoured as the best Surveillance Workers for their dedication and hard work in monitoring and reporting malaria cases.

The meeting was chaired by A Nyumoi Phom, VBD consultant, and the welcome address was delivered by Dr. Tiasunep, CMO Longleng. Dr. Tiasunep emphasised the crucial role of the District Task Force and called for the involvement of all line departments in maintaining the district’s malaria-free status. He stressed the importance of collaboration and coordination among various stakeholders to ensure the sustainability of the district’s achievement.

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The observance of World Malaria Day across all three blocks under Longleng district further highlighted the community’s commitment to this cause. The event aimed to raise awareness about the disease, its prevention, and the importance of maintaining a malaria-free environment.

Longleng district’s success in eliminating malaria is a result of the collaborative efforts of healthcare professionals, community leaders, and residents. The district’s achievement demonstrates that with dedication, effective strategies, and community participation, it is possible to combat this life-threatening disease.

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