Jobless youth in Nagaland turn to scam call centres, Government intervention needed

Scam call centres

Nagaland is facing a troubling trend where its unemployed youth are increasingly being drawn into scam call centres across India. This issue has come to light following recent police actions, including the busting of two fake call centres in Punjab, which led to the arrest of 155 employees, many of whom were from Nagaland.

High Unemployment Rates

Nagaland’s unemployment rate is alarmingly high, particularly among its youth. The state has struggled to create sufficient job opportunities, leaving many young people with no choice but to seek employment outside the state. This lack of local opportunities is a significant factor driving the youth towards dubious job offers in other parts of India.

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Lack of Skill Development

A critical issue contributing to this problem is the lack of adequate skill development programmes. Many young people in Nagaland do not possess the skills required to compete in the broader job market. This skills gap makes them vulnerable to taking up jobs in scam call centres, which often require minimal training and promise quick earnings.

Economic Pressures

The economic situation in Nagaland is another driving force behind this trend. With limited industrial and economic activities, the state offers few viable employment options. This economic pressure compels many young people to accept any job they can find, even if it involves illegal activities.

Attractive Earnings

Scam call centres often lure young people with the promise of high earnings. These centres typically offer salaries that are significantly higher than what is available in Nagaland. For many struggling to make ends meet, this financial incentive is hard to resist, despite the risks involved.

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Lack of Awareness

There is also a significant lack of awareness among the youth about the legal and ethical implications of working in scam call centres. Many are unaware that they are engaging in illegal activities until it is too late. This ignorance further exacerbates the problem, as young people are drawn into these operations without fully understanding the consequences.

Recent Incidents

The severity of this issue was highlighted by recent incidents in Punjab. In one case, a fake call centre operating from the Phase 8B Industrial Area was busted, leading to the arrest of 37 employees, mostly from Nagaland. These employees, aged between 20 and 23, were involved in scamming foreign nationals by posing as bank officials and selling fake gift cards. The police seized 45 laptops, 59 mobile handsets, and a Mercedes-Benz from the accused, underscoring the scale of the operation.

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What Can the State Government Do?

To address this pressing issue, the Nagaland state government needs to take several proactive measures:

Enhance Skill Development Programmes

    Investing in comprehensive skill development programmes tailored to the needs of the job market is crucial. Initiatives like the Skill Acquisition and Knowledge Awareness for Livelihood Promotion (SANKALP) and the Pradhan Mantri Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) should be expanded and made more accessible to the youth.

    Promote Entrepreneurship

      Encouraging entrepreneurship can create new job opportunities within the state. The government can provide financial assistance, mentorship, and training to young entrepreneurs to help them start their own businesses.

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      Increase Job Opportunities

        Attracting industries to Nagaland is essential to create more job opportunities. The government can offer incentives to businesses to set up operations in the state, thereby boosting local employment.

        Raise Awareness

          Conducting awareness campaigns about the legal and ethical implications of working in scam call centres is vital. Collaborating with organisations like YouthNet, the government can educate the youth about the risks and encourage them to seek legitimate employment.

          Strengthen Law Enforcement

            Strengthening law enforcement to crack down on scam call centres and protect vulnerable youth is necessary. The government should work with other states to identify and shut down these illegal operations.

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            Support for Detained Youth

              Providing legal and emotional support to youths who have been detained for their involvement in scam call centres is important. The government should ensure that these individuals receive fair treatment and help them reintegrate into society.

              The issue of unemployed youth from Nagaland ending up in scam call centres is multifaceted, involving economic, social, and educational factors. By enhancing skill development, promoting entrepreneurship, increasing job opportunities, raising awareness, and strengthening law enforcement, the state government can address this pressing issue and provide a brighter future for its youth.

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