Top 10 Nagaland Startups in 2024: Innovation amidst challenges

Top 10 Startups in Nagaland

When you think of Nagaland, vibrant culture, the popular Hornbill Festival, or even their comedic education minister might come to mind. However, startups are rarely associated with this northeastern state of India.

Despite significant challenges, including infrastructure issues, unpredictable electricity, unstable internet speeds, and extortion, Nagaland’s entrepreneurs have shown remarkable resilience.

This article delves into the top 10 startups in Nagaland in 2024, showcasing their innovative spirit and determination.

ReDimension Games

ReDimension Games top startup in Nagaland

Location: Kohima
Founders: Pekrukhrietou, Imlijungshi, Loyievi
Industry: Game Development

ReDimension Games, a game development studio, was founded in 2017 by Pekrukhrietou, who initially worked alone. In 2018, he teamed up with Imlijungshi and later Loyievi, to develop a 2D pixel action-adventure game called “Sojourn Past.” Despite the Indian market being dominated by mobile games, ReDimension Games focused on PC and console games.

Their perseverance paid off when they won the IDGC 2023 Upcoming Game of the Year award and secured a spot in Crafton India’s gaming incubator, gaining access to significant funding and mentorship. They plan to launch “Sojourn Past” in 2025.

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Ete Coffee

Ete Coffee

Location: Kohima
Founder: Lichan Humtsoe
Industry: Coffee Roasting

Ete Coffee, Northeast India’s first specialty coffee roasting company, was founded in 2016 by Lichan Humtsoe with just 6,400 rupees. Initially, Lichan made less than 3,000 rupees in revenue in the first month. However, through continuous improvement and customer feedback, Ete Coffee now operates two cafes in Nagaland, serving over one lakh customers. They also provide free consultancy services to help others open specialty coffee cafes, contributing to the growth of the coffee market in Northeast India. Ete Coffee generated 3.85 crore rupees in revenue in FY 24 and aims to expand its presence across India.


Unique startup

Location: Kohima
Founders: Atoba Longkumer and Vituonuo Suohu
Industry: SaaS

Tabernacle, founded in 2022 by Atoba Longkumer and Vituonuo Suohu, aims to digitise church management. Observing the inefficiencies of paper records in over 2,000 churches in Nagaland, they developed a SaaS solution tailored for churches. Their first-mover advantage allowed them to establish strong relationships with church leaders, onboarding 150 churches onto their platform. They believe their solutions have global appeal, as many churches worldwide still rely on traditional methods.

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Location: Kohima
Founders: Kevisato Sanyü and Shiroi Shaiza
Industry: EdTech

NagaEd, founded in 2021, was the first company in Nagaland to receive Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). They developed a B2B suite for schools to go digital, including a digital learning management system and teacher training. Their solutions have reached over 10,000 users. NagaEd targets the often-overlooked market of 500 million tribal and indigenous people globally, aiming to provide them with quality education tools.


One of the most popular startups in Nagaland

Location: Dimapur
Founders: Imtisunup Longchar and Lipok Ozukum
Industry: E-commerce

Founded in 2014, Ilandlo provides a platform for sellers across Northeast India to sell their products pan-India and internationally. Despite a slow start, they now have over 20,000 registered users and generated close to one crore rupees in revenue in FY 24. Their success is attributed to a strong omnichannel model, combining online and offline sales.


Joldi Pabo

Location: Dimapur
Founder: Atoho A. Kinimi
Industry: Real Estate

JoldiPabo, founded in 2023, started as a Facebook page to help people find rental homes in Nagaland. Recognising the rising demand for rental accommodations, Atoho A. Kinimi turned it into a full-fledged website. The platform is expected to generate between 55 and 90 lakh rupees in revenue by the end of FY 25. JoldiPabo aims to add more services to their offerings, creating multiple revenue streams.

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Jome Foods

Location: Dimapur
Founders: Medo Putsure and Toshienla Jamir
Industry: Sustainable Honey Production

Jome Foods, founded in 2021, trains beekeepers in Northeast India to sustainably harvest wild honey. Their honey brand, Goo, sold five lakh rupees worth of honey in their first year, growing to 30 lakh rupees in FY 24. They aim to train over 50,000 beekeepers and reach one million customers, focusing on ethical honey production.

Beauty Barn

Korean skincare startup Nagaland

Location: Dimapur
Founder: Toinali Chophi
Industry: Skincare

Beauty Barn, founded in 2017, is a curated marketplace for Korean skincare products. Initially operating from her apartment, Toinali Chophi now sells 10,000 products monthly, primarily online. Beauty Barn plans to expand its offline retail business and introduce more Korean brands, with future plans to raise capital.

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Location: Dimapur
Founder: Nancy Kent
Industry: Eco-friendly Products

NagaKart, founded in 2021, sells eco-friendly and biodegradable products handcrafted by artisans in Manipur. Despite a slow start, they now ship over 5,000 bags monthly, with all sales coming through their website. Nancy Kent aims to expand internationally, leveraging her digital marketing expertise.

Ngurie Organic

Ngurie Organic

Location: Julukie
Founder: Peihauding
Industry: Organic Farming Solutions

Ngurie Organic, founded in 2018 by botany scientist Peihauding, develops organic farming solutions to reduce harmful toxins in agriculture. Their products, including a plant organic absorption device and bioenhancers, are used by over 200 customers. They expect to generate 50 lakh rupees in revenue in FY 25 and are developing new products to increase growth rates in drier regions.

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Nagaland’s startup ecosystem, though small, is vibrant and resilient. These ten startups exemplify innovation and determination, overcoming significant challenges to make a mark in their respective industries. As they continue to grow and expand, they are not only contributing to the local economy but also putting Nagaland on the map as a hub for entrepreneurial spirit and innovation.

This article highlights the top 10 startups in Nagaland in 2024, showcasing their unique contributions and the challenges they have overcome. These startups are a testament to the potential and resilience of Nagaland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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