Nagaland Police arrest 18 in major crackdown on drugs and alcohol

Nagaland Police

The Nagaland Police have made significant strides over the past fortnight. The state-wide operation, spanning from 16 June to 30 June, has resulted in the arrest of 18 individuals and the registration of 15 cases related to synthetic drugs, psychotropic substances, and Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL).

The police force, determined to root out illegal activities, launched a series of intensive checks on vehicles, raids, and inspections of hotels and restaurants across the state. These concerted efforts yielded substantial results, with six cases related to narcotics and psychotropic substances being registered, leading to the arrest of nine individuals. The seized contraband included 94 Spasmo Proxyvon tablets, 308.89 grams of brown sugar, and 950 grams of opium – a testament to the scale of the problem at hand.

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In addition to the drug-related arrests, the police also made headway in curbing the illicit trade of alcohol. Eight cases were registered, involving the seizure of a staggering 708 bottles of IMFL, resulting in the arrest of eight individuals.

The crackdown extended beyond drugs and alcohol, with the police also confiscating a .32 calibre pistol, one magazine, and seven rounds of live ammunition in a separate operation, leading to one arrest.

Recognising the crucial role that the public plays in combating illegal activities, the Nagaland Police have called upon the citizens to come forward and assist in their efforts. They have urged the public to report any information regarding the sale or distribution of narcotics, drugs, IMFL, or illegal firearms to their nearest police station or the Narcotic Police Station.

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To facilitate this process and encourage anonymous tips, the police have promoted the use of the ‘Call Your Cop’ mobile app. This innovative platform provides a comprehensive directory of contact numbers for Nagaland Police officers and stations, making it easier for concerned citizens to reach out and share information. By fostering community-police collaboration, the authorities aim to create a safer environment for all residents of the state.

The recent state-wide crackdown by the Nagaland Police serves as a powerful reminder of their unwavering commitment to eradicating the menace of illegal substances and ensuring public safety. The significant arrests and seizures made during this period underscore the effectiveness of their operations and the critical importance of community involvement in maintaining law and order.

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