Nagaland: Rockfall on NH-29 injures four, prompts urgent safety advisory

Nagaland: Rockfall on NH-29 injures four, prompts urgent safety advisory

A rockfall on the NH-29 stretch between Chathe (Patkai) Bridge and Kukidolong (Paglapahar) injured four people on Friday, exactly a year after a similar incident claimed two lives. The latest event has led to significant vehicle damage and prompted authorities to issue a safety advisory for travellers.

Large stones rolled down the hill and struck a Mahindra Bolero, causing injuries to all four occupants, with one person reportedly suffering grievous injuries. The incident has brought back memories of the tragic rockslide on July 4, 2023, which resulted in two fatalities and three injuries on the same stretch.

In response to the recent rockfall, the Commissioner of Police, Dimapur, has issued a detailed advisory, emphasising the increased danger of travelling on this stretch during heavy rainfall. The advisory aims to ensure public safety and prevent further incidents.

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Key Points from the Advisory

  1. Avoid Travel During Heavy Rainfall: Commuters are strongly advised to avoid travelling along the vulnerable NH-29 stretch during periods of incessant or heavy rainfall. The risk of rockfalls is significantly higher during such weather conditions.
  2. Limit Non-Essential Movement: Non-essential travel and stoppages along this part of the highway should be minimised to reduce the risk of being caught in a rockfall.
  3. Avoid Night-Time Travel: Due to reduced visibility and the heightened risk of rockfalls, night-time travel along this stretch is particularly dangerous and should be avoided.
  4. Maintain Safe Distance: Travellers should keep a considerable distance from the sides of the highway where rockfalls are likely to occur and proceed with utmost caution.

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The Commissioner’s office stressed the importance of public cooperation in adhering to these safety measures. “Our primary concern is the safety of the public, and we urge all commuters to exercise extreme caution,” the advisory stated. Authorities are closely monitoring the situation and will provide updates as necessary.

The Chief Minister, while speaking at an event in Chümoukedima, acknowledged the incident and underscored the importance of following the advisory. His motorcade had travelled along the same stretch of the highway shortly after the rockfall, highlighting the immediate relevance and urgency of the safety measures.

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As the region continues to experience heavy rainfall, the vulnerability of the NH-29 stretch between Chathe (Patkai) Bridge and Kukidolong (Paglapahar) remains a significant concern. Authorities are urging the public to prioritise safety and follow the issued advisories to prevent any further incidents. The recent rockfall incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by natural events and the importance of adhering to safety guidelines.

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