Nagaland Police arrest notorious drug trafficker Md. Hassan Uddin

Nagaland Police

Dimapur witnessed a significant development in the fight against drug trafficking with the arrest of Md. Hassan Uddin, a notorious drug trafficker. The operation was a result of the relentless efforts of the Nagaland Police and is part of the larger ‘War Against Drugs’ campaign in the region.

Md. Hassan Uddin, also known as Hasan Mamu, was apprehended through a joint operation by the Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, and West Bengal Police forces. Uddin operated a medical shop in Dimapur’s Murgi Patti area, which he used as a cover for his illicit activities. The arrest came after a tip-off during another investigation, leading to a coordinated inter-state police operation.

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Uddin’s method of trafficking involved using the postal services of India Post to dispatch parcels containing morphine to West Bengal. In February, the West Bengal Police intercepted these parcels in Barrakpore, seizing 2 kilograms of morphine with an estimated street value of Rs. 8 crores. This bust highlighted the clever tactics employed by traffickers and the vigilance of law enforcement agencies.

Uddin and his brother Kamal Uddin have a history of involvement in drug-related offences, making this arrest a significant victory for the police. The operation emphasises the importance of continued vigilance and the need for a strong legal framework to combat such activities.

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Following the arrest, the Nagaland Police appealed to the public, urging them to report drug-related activities. They stressed the destructive impact of drug traffickers on families and the youth of Nagaland.

The police also highlighted their enhanced forensic capabilities, including the acquisition of a 4K Spectral Camera, which aids in the analysis of seized drugs and the development of fingerprints from various surfaces.

The arrest of Md. Hassan Uddin has far-reaching legal and social implications. Northeast India’s proximity to the Golden Triangle and Golden Crescent makes it vulnerable to drug trafficking, posing a significant challenge.

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The Nagaland Police’s approach, which includes community engagement and technological advancements, offers hope in the ongoing battle against this menace.

The arrest marks a crucial moment in the war against drugs in Nagaland. It demonstrates the effectiveness of inter-state collaboration and the importance of community involvement in tackling drug trafficking.

As the Nagaland Police continue their efforts, such successes are essential in disrupting the networks that threaten the region’s social and economic stability.

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The fight against drug trafficking in Nagaland is an ongoing battle that requires the combined efforts of law enforcement agencies, the government, and the community.

The arrest of Md. Hassan Uddin serves as a reminder that the war against drugs is far from over, but with the dedication and determination of the Nagaland Police and the support of the public, progress can be made in curbing this menace.

It is crucial for the government to provide the necessary resources and support to law enforcement agencies to effectively combat drug trafficking. This includes investing in modern technology, training, and equipment to enhance their capabilities in detecting and intercepting drug shipments.

Moreover, addressing the root causes of drug addiction and trafficking is essential. This involves implementing comprehensive drug prevention and rehabilitation programmes, as well as creating alternative livelihood opportunities for those vulnerable to involvement in the drug trade.

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The successful operation against Md. Hassan Uddin is a step in the right direction, but it is only one piece of the larger puzzle. Sustained efforts, collaboration, and a multi-faceted approach are necessary to effectively tackle the drug problem in Nagaland and the entire Northeast region of India.

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