More Lok Sabha seats: Key to Nagaland’s equitable development and progress

More Lok Sabha seats: Key to Nagaland's equitable development and progress

Nagaland currently has only one seat in the Lok Sabha, the lower house of India’s Parliament. This limited representation has led to significant challenges in addressing the diverse needs and issues of the state’s various regions and communities. The demand for increased representation, particularly from the Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation (ENPO), highlights the need for a more equitable and effective political structure.

Current Representation and Challenges

Nagaland’s single Lok Sabha seat has often resulted in inadequate representation of the state’s diverse population. The elected candidates are frequently chosen by the ruling party, which may not always prioritise the interests of all regions and communities. This has led to a perception of corruption and neglect, particularly in the eastern districts of Nagaland, which are represented by the ENPO. The ENPO has been demanding a separate state, Frontier Nagaland, citing long-standing neglect and unmet promises by both state and central governments.

The six districts under the ENPO’s jurisdiction—Mon, Tuensang, Longleng, Kiphire, Noklak, and Shamator—have faced significant neglect in terms of development projects and resource allocation. Infrastructure development, healthcare, and educational facilities in these regions lag behind other parts of the state. The 20 MLAs from these districts have been criticised for their lack of action and alleged corrupt practices, further exacerbating the region’s underdevelopment.

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Potential Benefits of Increased Representation

Increasing the number of Lok Sabha seats for Nagaland would ensure better representation of its diverse communities. With at least two seats, one representative could specifically focus on the ENPO region, addressing its unique challenges and grievances. This would provide a platform for the voices of the neglected eastern districts to be heard more effectively in the national political arena.

Multiple representatives in the Lok Sabha could advocate for more equitable distribution of resources and development projects across Nagaland. This would help address the socio-economic disparities between different regions of the state. For example, dedicated efforts could be made to improve infrastructure, healthcare, and education in the ENPO districts, fostering overall development and reducing regional inequalities.

A dedicated representative for Eastern Nagaland in the Lok Sabha could focus on addressing the specific grievances of the ENPO. This includes advocating for the creation of Frontier Nagaland or ensuring that the region receives its fair share of development projects and resources. Such representation would also help in holding the state government accountable for its actions and policies towards the eastern districts.

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Comparative Analysis and Government Response

Other states in India with similar demographic and political challenges have benefited from increased representation in the Lok Sabha. States like Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh, which have multiple Lok Sabha seats, have been able to advocate more effectively for their regional issues and secure better resource allocation from the central government. Nagaland can learn from these examples and push for increased representation to ensure that its diverse regions and communities are adequately represented.

The state and central governments have so far been reluctant to meet the ENPO’s demand for a separate state. However, there is a growing recognition of the need for increased representation for Nagaland. The delimitation process scheduled for after the 2026 Census provides an opportunity to address this issue. By increasing the number of Lok Sabha seats for Nagaland, the government can ensure more equitable representation and address the long-standing grievances of the ENPO and other neglected regions.

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Increasing the number of Lok Sabha seats for Nagaland is crucial for ensuring better political representation, socio-economic development, and addressing regional grievances. With multiple representatives, the diverse voices of Nagaland’s communities can be heard more effectively, leading to more equitable and inclusive development. The upcoming delimitation process provides a timely opportunity to address this issue and ensure that Nagaland’s unique challenges and needs are adequately represented in the national political arena.

By addressing these challenges through increased representation, Nagaland can move towards a more just and equitable political structure, benefiting all its regions and communities. It is time for the state and central governments to recognise the importance of this issue and take concrete steps to ensure that Nagaland’s diverse population is fairly represented in the Lok Sabha. Only then can the state truly progress towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

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