Ao Senden General Conference inducts fresh faces into leadership

Ao Senden General Conference inducts fresh faces into leadership

The Ao community gathered in Mokokchung for the 22nd Ao Senden General Conference, a significant event that marked the induction of new office bearers for the 2024-2027 tenure.

The conference, blessed by Rev. M. Rongsen of Ao Riju (Ao Academy), signalled a transition in leadership and set the tone for the community’s future direction.

Ao Senden new leaders
Ao Senden’s newly elected leaders

Marsanen Imsong from Merangkong, representing the Langpangkong Range, was elected as the new President, while Aowati Ozükum from Sungratsü (Asetkong Range) took on the role of Vice President. Imtipokyim Adv from Longkhum (Ongpongkong Range) assumed the position of General Secretary, with Bendangnükshi from Nokpu (Japukong Range) as the Assistant General Secretary. Yanger Pongen from Mongchen (Jangpetkong Range) and Lanupokyim from Longpayimsen (Tsurangkong Range) were appointed as the Finance Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.

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Alemtemshi Jamir, a retired IAS officer and former Chief Secretary of Nagaland, delivered a thought-provoking speech as the main speaker. Jamir praised the Ao community for their positive attributes but challenged them to reflect on their current trajectory and the need to understand the new world order.

Alemtemshi Jamir, Retired IAS
Alemtemshi Jamir, IAS (Rtd)

He emphasised the importance of reform and restructuring, which involve a complete change in heart, mind, soul, beliefs, and actions, as well as building anew or providing a new framework.

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The outgoing President, Chubawati Longchar, expressed gratitude for the community’s support during his six-year tenure, which included the unique challenge of serving during the pandemic.

Chubawati Longchar
Former Ao Senden President, Chubawati Longchar

Longchar highlighted the significance of the Ao census and the role of Ao Riju in preserving the Ao language and literature, encouraging continued diligence and constructive contributions from the community.

In his inaugural speech, the newly elected President, Marsanen Imsong, thanked the Ao community for entrusting him with leadership and pledged to lead with integrity. He called for the community’s support throughout his tenure, recognising the importance of unity and collaboration in achieving common goals.

Marsanen Imsong
Marsanen Imsong

The 22nd Ao Senden General Conference not only celebrated the induction of new leadership but also provided a platform for introspection and discussion on the Ao community’s future.

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With a focus on cultural preservation, community reform, and adaptation to global changes, the conference set the stage for the Ao community to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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