TaFMA launches 3-day Sound System Workshop in Noklak

TaFMA launches 3-day Sound System Workshop in Noklak

The Task Force for Music & Arts (TaFMA) Nagaland, in collaboration with its District Partner in Noklak, has launched a three-day Sound System Management Workshop at the Noklak Town Baptist Church.

The workshop, which began on Monday, aims to provide comprehensive training to 34 participants from various backgrounds, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the field of sound management.

Deputy Commissioner Praises TaFMA’s Initiative

During the inauguration ceremony, Deputy Commissioner of Noklak, Arikumba, NCS, commended TaFMA for their proactive approach in organising the workshop. He emphasised the crucial role of a quality sound system in all functions and meetings, urging the trainees to approach the training with utmost sincerity and dedication.

Arikumba acknowledged the significance of the skills the participants will acquire during the workshop and the positive impact it will have on their future endeavours.

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Experienced Sound Engineers to Lead the Workshop

The workshop will be conducted under the guidance of Marcus Geisuo, Sound Engineer at TaFMA, and Merensuba, Assistant Sound Engineer at TaFMA. Geisuo expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to share his expertise with the participants in Noklak.

He highlighted that the training will encompass not only theoretical lectures but also active listening and sharing of experiences among the attendees, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Diverse Participants with Unique Motivations

The workshop has attracted participants from various walks of life, each with their own aspirations and goals. Pushou Chuba, a trainee passionate about music production, aims to enhance his workflow in music and video production through the knowledge gained from the workshop. Tupong, the proprietor of Frolic Home Studio, seeks to deepen his understanding of sound mixing to further his lifelong passion for music.

Suko, an active member in handling his church’s sound system, sees the workshop as a stepping stone towards starting a rental service in the future. He appreciates the affordable fee structure of the workshop, which makes it accessible to a wider range of participants, enabling them to improve their skills and create new opportunities.

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Programme Highlights and Benediction

The programme was chaired by Pongkhao, TaFMA’s District Partner in Noklak, and commenced with an invocation by A. Penglang, Pastor of Noklak Town Baptist Church. A special performance by Tupong, Proprietor of Frolic Home Studio, added an artistic touch to the event. The benediction was delivered by Thengio, Pastor of Komking, bringing the inauguration ceremony to a close.

Empowering the Music and Arts Community

The Sound System Management Workshop is expected to contribute significantly to the growth and development of the music and arts scene in Noklak. By providing accessible and affordable training, TaFMA aims to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the field of sound management.

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As the workshop progresses over the next three days, participants will have the opportunity to learn, network, and share their experiences, fostering a vibrant and thriving music and arts community in the region.

TaFMA’s collaboration with its District Partner in Noklak serves as a shining example of the organisation’s commitment to nurturing talent and promoting the arts at the grassroots level. The success of this workshop is expected to pave the way for similar initiatives in the future, further strengthening the music and arts ecosystem in Nagaland.

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