IoT devices to boost livelihoods of Thetsumi Village weavers

IoT devices to boost livelihoods of Thetsumi Village weavers

Thetsumi Village, Phek District, Nagaland, witnessed a significant step towards empowering local weavers as The Entrepreneurs Associates (tEA) and the North Eastern Handicrafts and Handloom Development Corporation (NEHHDC) introduced IoT devices to ensure product authenticity and market linkage. The event, titled ‘Installation & Test Drive of IoT Device cum Forging Partnerships and Securing Market Linkage,’ aimed to revolutionise the handloom industry in the region.

Vekhoneiyi Murao, Field Operator of NEHHDC, emphasised the importance of obtaining Geographical Indication (GI) tags for handlooms, highlighting that 17 shawls from the Chakhesang district had already received GI tags in recent years. Imtisenla Longkumer, tEA’s FPO Coordinator-NERAMAC & Communications Assistant, explained how IoT devices would enable weavers to share their stories with the world, connecting them with a global audience.

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Through this collaboration, tEA has verified 823 weavers, including 620 from the Phek District, with 160 weavers hailing from Thetsumi Village. The IoT device will provide a tag with a QR code, allowing buyers to access details about the weaver, the materials used, and a short video of the weaver crafting the product by hand, thereby authenticating the product and enabling higher pricing for the weavers.

Neichute Doulo, CEO of tEA, shared his vision of establishing a yarn bank with the weaving communities to produce quality end products at lower costs, foster mass production, and transform the currently niche weaving market. The programme concluded with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for partnership between NEHHDC, tEA, and eight women weaver group leaders.

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Cukhoyi Chiero, Zonal Head, East Zone, remarked, “This initiative has strengthened our commitment to enhance productivity and generate sustainable livelihoods for our community.” The event attracted 35 enthusiastic women weavers from Thetsumi along with village leaders and community members, showcasing the strong support for this transformative initiative.

As a next step, tEA and NEHHDC plan to install the IoT devices in Wokha District, further expanding their efforts to empower local weavers and promote the rich handloom heritage of the region.

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This move is expected to not only authenticate the products but also provide a platform for the weavers to showcase their skills and connect with a broader market, ultimately leading to improved livelihoods and the preservation of traditional craftsmanship.

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