Nagaland to make historic debut in Miss Universe India; auditions set for July 2

Nagaland to make historic debut in Miss Universe India; auditions set for July 2

Nagaland is set to participate in Miss Universe India for the first time, as announced by the Beauty and Aesthetic Society of Nagaland (BASN). This landmark event will see the state joining the prestigious pageant, with auditions scheduled for July 2 at Niathu Resort in Chümoukedima.

BASN President Mele Pucho revealed that the audition will select one candidate to represent Nagaland at the Miss Universe India pageant, tentatively slated for August 2024. He also announced that from next year, the winner of Miss Nagaland will directly represent the state at Miss Universe India. This initiative marks a significant step in promoting local talent on a national stage.

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Entries for the audition opened on May 22 and are available to all females aged 18 and above. Interested candidates can register through BASN’s social media handles and members, with a registration fee of INR 1000. This inclusive approach aims to provide a platform for a diverse range of participants.

Sarah Konyak, Media and Information Secretary, highlighted that Glamanand Entertainment Pvt. Ltd secured the rights for Miss Universe India in February 2024. To expand its reach and discover talents across the nation, Miss Universe India is appointing state directors to conduct state-level pageants. For Nagaland, Mele Pucho has been appointed as the state director.

Konyak explained that the shift to a state pageant format addresses challenges faced by aspiring candidates, such as family permissions and financial constraints, which previously hindered their participation in national auditions. This new format aims to make the pageant more accessible to a broader audience.

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Glamanand, which owns several national and international beauty pageants, including Glamanand Supermodel India and Miss Teen Diva, will oversee the selection of representatives for prestigious international competitions like Miss Universe and Miss Grand International. This strategic move is expected to elevate the standard of participants and provide them with greater opportunities on global platforms.

Veineinem Singson Haolai, Finance Secretary of BASN, outlined the outfit requirements for the audition. Participants are required to wear shorts and a black vest, a body-hugging black cocktail dress, pencil heels/stilettos (3 inches and above), light make-up, no glasses or lenses, no padded lingerie, and no jewellery. Additionally, participants must be indigenous to Nagaland, ensuring that the representation remains authentic and true to the state’s heritage.

The event’s official partners include Niathu Group, Sky Garden, Runway India, and Alemtemshi Jamir, former Chief Secretary of Nagaland. These partnerships are expected to provide robust support and enhance the overall quality of the event.

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This historic participation of Nagaland in Miss Universe India not only highlights the state’s rich cultural heritage but also provides a significant platform for local talent to shine on a national and potentially international stage. The upcoming auditions on July 2 are eagerly anticipated, as they mark the beginning of a new chapter for Nagaland in the world of beauty pageants.

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