CPO and SH unite to strengthen brotherhood and harmony

CPO and SH unite to strengthen brotherhood and harmony

Chakhesang Public Organisation (CPO) and Sümi Hoho (SH) have resolved to fortify the bond of brotherhood between the Chakhesang and Sümi communities. This significant decision emerged from a coordination meeting held at Chozuba village on May 18, where both organisations made a joint declaration to promote unity and mutual support.

Key Resolutions for Unity

During the meeting, CPO and SH agreed on several crucial resolutions aimed at fostering harmony and cooperation. One of the primary resolutions was to provide mutual support and assistance during times of need, reinforcing the spirit of community and solidarity between the two groups.

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Forgiveness and Reconciliation

A significant aspect of the joint declaration was the commitment to forgive and forget past misunderstandings. This includes the incident on September 5, 2023, at Chozuba town, which had previously caused friction between the communities.

Both organisations agreed to treat this incident as a closed chapter, and the Chozuba Range Public Organisation’s press statement of disassociation from the Sumi-Chakhesang Brotherhood will be withdrawn immediately.

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Promoting Dignity and Respect

CPO and SH also pledged to treat each other with dignity and respect, regardless of background, beliefs, or affiliations. This commitment aims to ensure that all members of both communities are treated fairly and with the respect they deserve.

Open Communication Channels

To address any future issues or concerns, the organisations agreed to maintain open and regular communication. In the event of disputes, a joint committee with equal representation from both communities will be formed to mediate and resolve matters amicably. This proactive approach is designed to prevent misunderstandings and promote a harmonious relationship.

Discouraging Misinformation

Recognising the harmful impact of misinformation, CPO and SH advised their members to refrain from spreading false information and inflammatory comments on social media. This measure is intended to protect communal harmony and prevent unnecessary conflicts.

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Amendments to the Declaration

Any amendments to the joint declaration must be made in writing and signed by authorised representatives of both parties. The declaration, signed by CPO president Vezuhu Keyho and SH president Nikheto Jimomi, is intended to remain in effect indefinitely unless terminated by mutual consent. This ensures that any changes to the agreement are made transparently and with the consent of both organisations.

Meeting Highlights

The coordination meeting was chaired by CPO vice president Vecito Dozo and included the sharing of views, concerns, and suggestions to promote unity and brotherhood by leaders from both communities.

The meeting began with an invocation by Rev. Hukugha Zhimo, senior pastor of Satakha Town Baptist Church, and concluded with a benediction by Rev. Dr. Vezopa Tetseo, senior pastor of Chakhesang Baptist Church Diphupar.

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This joint declaration marks a significant step towards fostering a lasting bond of brotherhood and cooperation between the Chakhesang and Sümi communities. By committing to mutual support, open communication, and respect, CPO and SH have set a positive example for communal harmony and mutual respect.

The resolutions made during this meeting are expected to strengthen the ties between the two communities and promote a peaceful and cooperative relationship for the future.

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