Catch Them Young: Wokha hosts U-14 Sepaktakraw event

Catch them Young: Wokha Hosts U-14 Sepaktakraw Event

The District Level Under-14 ‘Catch them Young Tournament’ Sepaktakraw (Regu Event) for boys and girls took place at Mount Sinai School in Wokha, showcasing the incredible talent and sportsmanship of young athletes from across the district.

The tournament, organised by the District Sports Office, Wokha, in collaboration with the Wokha District Sepaktakraw Association, saw an impressive turnout of 60 students from various schools.

The event highlighted the growing popularity of Sepaktakraw among the younger generation and the community’s commitment to nurturing young talents.

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Tsidi Hairang, SDO (Civil) Wokha, graced the opening ceremony with his presence, commending the participants for their active involvement and encouraging them to strive for excellence.

He urged the young athletes to aim for representation at both state and national levels, emphasising the significance of such tournaments in their development.

Asst Commandant Nand Kishor, Company Commander of 24 Assam Rifles, Wokha COB, honoured the closing ceremony as the guest of honour. In his address, he highlighted the importance of participation and dedication in skill development, recognising the role of sports in shaping the youth.

The tournament served as a platform for learning and growth, with plans announced by the District Sports Council and Wokha District Sepaktakraw Association to introduce Sepaktakraw in various schools and villages around the district by the second week of May. This initiative aims to uncover new talents and further popularise the sport at the grassroots level.

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The competition was fierce, with Mount Carmel emerging victorious in both the boys’ and girls’ categories. They faced off against Cistus School in the boys’ final and Mount Sinai School in the girls’ category.

The winners will now represent the district at the State Level under-14 Catch Them Young Tournament, scheduled from May 20 to 22 at I.G. Stadium Kohima.

The event not only celebrated the athletic prowess of the participants but also emphasised the importance of early engagement in sports for overall development.

It showcased the community’s dedication to providing young athletes with opportunities to shine and embark on a journey filled with the promise of greatness.

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As the tournament concluded, the District Sports Office, Wokha, and the Wokha District Sepaktakraw Association reaffirmed their commitment to promoting Sepaktakraw and other sports within the district.

With anticipation building for future events, the stage is set for young talents to continue their pursuit of excellence in the world of sports.

The Under-14 ‘Catch them Young Tournament’ Sepaktakraw (Regu Event) in Wokha has left a lasting impact on the participants, organisers, and the community as a whole.

It has ignited a passion for sports and fostered a sense of unity and pride among the young athletes, setting the foundation for a bright future in the realm of sports.

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