Kohima Village hosts 7th District Open Shooting Competition

Kohima Village hosts 7th District Open Shooting Competition

Kohima Village’s D.Khel Ground was abuzz with excitement on May 4, 2024, as it played host to the 7th Kohima District Open Shooting Competition. The event, a testament to the region’s growing enthusiasm for shooting sports, brought together athletes and spectators alike for a day filled with skilful displays and sportsmanship.

The competition was graced by the presence of Kethosituo Sekhose, the Director of Youth Resources and Sports, who served as the Chief Guest. In his opening remarks, Sekhose highlighted the untapped potential within the Naga community for sports, particularly in the field of shooting.

He emphasised the power of sports to unite people and called for collective efforts to nurture and support local talent. Sekhose also shared insights into the government’s initiatives aimed at improving sports infrastructure and conducting comprehensive studies to better understand community attitudes towards sports.

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Pele Khezhie, the Patron of the Kohima District Shooting Association (KDSA), further dignified the event with his presence. Khezhie stressed the importance of focusing on shooting sports as a means to elevate local athletes to international platforms.

The programme commenced with spiritual blessings from Ruokuovituo Robert, Catechist of CKS, followed by a warm welcome from Visasielie Suohu, President of KDSA. Metekhrielie Mejura, Vice President of KDSA, delivered the closing remarks, wrapping up the formalities and setting the stage for the competition to begin.

The competition itself was fierce, showcasing the high calibre of shooters in the region. In the 10 Metres Air Rifle Peep Sight category for men, Medophrezo Sekhose emerged victorious, followed closely by Theja Vizo Sorhie and Vikuovolie Keyho.

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The women’s category saw Uneinuo Solo taking the top spot, with Kikrukhrienuo Belho and Mhalekuonuo Keretsu securing the second and third places, respectively.

Menuobeilie Yiese dominated the Open Sight event, demonstrating his versatility and skill. Yiese also topped the Air Rifle Pistol event, further cementing his position as a formidable competitor.

One of the highlights of the competition was the Air Rifle 25 Metres Bench Rest event for men, where Keneilhouzo Chielie emerged as the champion, followed by Kerol Kera and Khriesanyu Miachieo.

These results not only reflect the individual excellence of the athletes but also serve as a testament to the competitive spirit and camaraderie among the participants.

The 7th Kohima District Open Shooting Competition was more than just a sporting event; it was a celebration of talent, determination, and the collective aspiration of the Naga community to excel in sports.

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The competition underscored the importance of providing platforms for athletes to showcase their skills and the need for continuous support from all stakeholders to help these athletes reach their full potential.

The event served as a reminder that with the right support, infrastructure, and community engagement, the Naga community has the potential to produce world-class athletes in the field of shooting sports.

The success of the 7th Kohima District Open Shooting Competition is a clarion call for increased investment in sports infrastructure, training facilities, and grassroots programmes to identify and nurture young talent.

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It is through such initiatives that the Naga community can continue to foster a culture of sporting excellence and provide opportunities for its youth to shine on both national and international stages.

With continued support and dedication, there is no doubt that the future of shooting sports in the region is bright, and that the Naga community will continue to produce athletes who will make their mark on the world stage.

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