Wokha Circle Federation’s 3rd Annual General Meeting sets future goals

Wokha Circle Federation's 3rd Annual General Meeting sets future goals

The Wokha Circle Federation (WCF) held its 3rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 25, 2024, at Elumyo village, bringing together over 250 members from eight villages. This significant event highlighted the Federation’s achievements and future plans.

Celebrating Achievements and Planning Ahead

The Federation, comprising 12 Village Level Organisations (VLOs) and 158 Self-Help Groups (SHGs), gathered to review their progress and strategise for the upcoming year. The meeting began with a warm welcome from Chumlano Ezung, President of WCF, setting a positive tone for the day’s proceedings.

Keynote Addresses

Obendangba, Assistant Registrar of Cooperative Societies (ARCS) Wokha, expressed his admiration for the SHG members’ dedication to the Federation’s vision. He assured them of full support in registering the Federation under the Cooperative Society Act, emphasising the importance of formal recognition for their continued growth.

Anuranjan Singh, Skill Development Officer of the ETF Cell Wokha, underscored the vital role of SHGs in the Indian economy. He advised each SHG and VLO to specialise in a unique product and skill to avoid duplication and enhance marketability. Singh also highlighted the need for improved packaging to facilitate exports, aiming to boost the Federation’s economic impact.

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Empowering Women and Financial Literacy

Samuel Kithan, Additional District Project Manager (ADPM) Wokha, praised the SHGs for their hard work and dedication. He encouraged the women to break free from traditional constraints, adopt new techniques, and stay focused on their goals, fostering a spirit of innovation and progress.

Janbeno from Moneywise (NGO) emphasised the importance of financial literacy, social security schemes, and the Chief Minister’s Health Insurance Scheme (CMHIS). Her insights aimed to equip members with the knowledge to secure their financial futures and access essential social services.

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Reports and Recognitions

The AGM featured comprehensive reports on the Federation’s activities and finances. Myingthunglo Ezung, Vice President, presented the activities report, while H Wopyomo Kikon, Mentor Manager and Area Coordinator, delivered the financial report. These reports provided a transparent overview of the Federation’s operations and achievements over the past year.

The meeting also included a performance awards ceremony, recognising outstanding contributions from various members and groups. The awards celebrated excellence in different categories:

  • Best VF: Lolano (Amonghayi SHG)
  • Best MBK: Ruth Ovung (Dew Drops SHG)
  • Best CSP: Elanbeni (Senthan SHG)
  • Best CRP ep: Yanbeni Humtsoe (Shumjumta VLO)
  • Best SHG: Dew Drops
  • Best VLO: Senjumta VLO Elumyo

These awards highlighted the dedication and hard work of the Federation’s members, inspiring others to strive for excellence.

Success Stories and Future Planning

Mhonchumi Tsopoe from Dew Drops SHG shared her inspiring success story, detailing the initiatives undertaken by her team. Her story served as a testament to the positive impact of SHGs on individual lives and the community.

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The meeting concluded with a business session where VLOs presented their plans and strategies for the Annual Action Plan (AAP) for the 2024-2025 session. This collaborative effort aimed to ensure continued growth and success for the Federation and its members.


The 3rd AGM of the Wokha Circle Federation was a testament to the collective efforts and achievements of its members. The event not only celebrated past successes but also laid a strong foundation for future endeavours, fostering a spirit of unity and progress among the Federation’s members.

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