NagaEd wins TiE50 award for transforming tribal education


In a remarkable achievement, NagaEd, a pioneering digital education startup from Nagaland, India, has been crowned a winner at the prestigious TiE50 Awards during the annual TiECon global conference.

Founded by the visionary Kevisato Sanyu, NagaEd has made its mark among the Top 50 tech and tech-enabled startups worldwide, earning recognition for its groundbreaking approach to empowering tribal and indigenous communities through digital education.

A Testament to Innovation and Transformative Potential

NagaEd wins TiE50 award for transforming tribal education

The TiE50 Awards, organised by TiE Silicon Valley, stand as a testament to the most promising technology startups across various stages of growth and verticals. NagaEd’s triumph is particularly significant, as it was also one of only eight startups to receive the coveted Judges’ Choice Award, underlining its innovative solutions and transformative potential.

NagaEd’s success at TiEcon 2024, one of the world’s largest gatherings for entrepreneurs, represents a pivotal moment in its mission to revolutionise education for tribal and indigenous communities.

By harnessing cutting-edge technologies, the company aims to enhance learning outcomes and bridge the educational divide, ensuring equal opportunities for all.

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Capturing the Northeast Indian Market and Beyond

As a B2B SaaS company, NagaEd is strategically positioned to capture the Northeast Indian market, catering to nearly 100,000 schools and over 11 million students. However, the company’s ambitions extend far beyond India’s borders, with a vision to transform education for the 500 million tribal and indigenous peoples worldwide.

Kevisato Sanyu, the dynamic founder of NagaEd, expressed his gratitude for the recognition, stating,

“Our innovative digitally enabled approach democratises education, providing equal opportunities for institutions in tribal and indigenous communities. We empower educators with better, more affordable learning experiences for students, transforming education in these communities.”

Kevisato Sanyu

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Commendation from Industry Leaders

Subodh Sachan, Director of STPI and STPINEXT, commended NagaEd’s achievement, highlighting the innovative spirit and technological potential of India’s Northeast region on a global stage.

He praised the company’s impactful work in leveraging technology to transform education in tribal and indigenous communities, setting an example for others to follow.

NagaEd’s commitment to transforming education through technology is evident in its development of innovative digital solutions, interactive educational content, professional development for teachers, and support for institutions in their digital transformation journey. The company’s holistic approach ensures that no aspect of education is left untouched by the power of technology.

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A Launchpad for Promising Ventures

The TiE50 Awards, now in its sixteenth year, boasts an impressive track record of identifying and supporting successful startups. With 84 percent of winners and top startups receiving funding totalling over $1 billion, the awards programme has become a launchpad for many promising ventures. NagaEd’s recognition at this prestigious event serves as a testament to its innovative approach and potential for global impact.

As NagaEd continues to make strides in the digital education space, its success at the TiE50 Awards marks a significant milestone in its journey. With a focus on empowering tribal and indigenous communities through technology-driven education solutions, NagaEd is poised to reshape the educational landscape and create a more inclusive future, where every student, regardless of their background, has access to quality education.

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