Tetso College hosts seminar with SBI Youth for India

Tetso College hosts seminar with SBI Youth for India

Tetso College and SBI Youth for India recently joined forces to host a seminar that turned the spotlight on India’s social development sector.

The event, held at Tetso College, was a vibrant confluence of ideas, experiences, and aspirations aimed at galvanising the youth to become catalysts for change in their communities.

A highlight of the seminar was the inspiring journey of Ruchinilo Kemp, a former SBI Youth for India fellow who has since founded the Kenono Foundation. Kemp’s keynote address provided not only a glimpse into his transformative journey from fellow to social entrepreneur but also offered a clear path forward for the attendees. He identified key areas such as health, rural livelihoods, and environmental protection where young leaders could drive significant impact.

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The SBI Youth for India initiative, now preparing to welcome its 12th batch, has been pivotal in fostering young talent to address the challenges faced by rural India. Over the years, the programme has positively affected the lives of more than 150,000 people across 250 villages, showcasing the profound influence of motivated youth in rural development.

The seminar attracted a diverse group of participants, including students, educators, and individuals aspiring to make a difference in the social sector. This gathering of varied perspectives created a rich tapestry of dialogue that extended beyond the confines of the seminar, potentially planting the seeds for future social innovations.

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Both educational and motivational, the seminar served as both a knowledge-sharing session and a clarion call to action. It demonstrated how structured initiatives like the SBI Youth for India can channel individual efforts into broader societal gains. The personal stories shared at the event highlighted the critical role of dedicated individuals in spearheading change and improving lives.

This collaborative effort between Tetso College and SBI Youth for India marked a significant step forward in cultivating a new generation of social developers. It showcased the powerful collaboration between academic institutions and developmental programmes, setting the stage for a future where the youth lead the charge in societal transformation.

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