Five arrested in Noklak murder linked to black magic, KSU and TPO condemn

Five arrested in Noklak murder linked to black magic, KSU and TPO condemn

A tragic incident in Noklak on May 28 has led to the death of one person and severe injuries to another, following accusations of black magic. Five individuals have been arrested in connection with the case.

The incident began on May 27 when a construction worker named Rashal had a dispute with his Head Mason, Magmul Laskar, and another worker, Hasnul Haque. Rashal accused them of performing black magic on him and reported this to Bumo Khiam, a local businessman. Rashal then left Noklak for his village.

On May 28, Bumo summoned Magmul Laskar and Hasnul Haque to a secluded area near a jungle hut to question them about the black magic allegations. Despite their denials, Bumo and his accomplices took Hasnul Haque to a field about 10 kilometres from Noklak and brutally assaulted him with blunt objects.

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Hasnul was later admitted to Noklak District Hospital but succumbed to his injuries the following day at around 9:00 PM. Magmul Laskar also sustained severe injuries and is currently undergoing serious medical treatment.

After receiving the report, police officers raided the suspected houses, arresting three of the accused at midnight. The main suspect initially escaped but was captured the following day along with another accomplice. During the investigation, Bumo admitted to owning a country-made .22 pistol, which was found along with three live rounds.

Official sources have confirmed that the investigation is ongoing, and the accused are scheduled to be produced in court on June 3, 2024. The family of the deceased, Hasnul Haque, expressed their profound shock and sorrow over the loss of their sole breadwinner, who leaves behind a wife and three children.

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The Khiamniungan Students’ Union (KSU) has strongly condemned the violence, attributing it to the misguided actions influenced by Rashal. The KSU emphasised that the assault on Hasnul Haque and Magmul Laskar represents a severe violation of their rights to life and security, impacting their families and the broader community.

The KSU has called for a thorough and impartial investigation to ensure all responsible parties are held accountable. They expressed hope that the judicial process would provide some solace and closure to the bereaved family and wished for the speedy recovery of Magmul Laskar.

The Thang Public Organisation (TPO) also condemned the senseless act committed by the five accused, which has disrupted the harmony between different communities in Noklak district and brought dishonour to the village and the tribe at large.

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The TPO has called upon authorities to uphold the law appropriately and ensure justice is served. The TPO extended its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and expressed solidarity with their demand for timely justice.

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