Kohima Comes Alive with the Vibrant Displays of Women-Led Businesses at Spring Expo 2024

Spring Expo 2024

The Old NST parking area in Kohima, Nagaland, has been transformed into a hub of activity as the Spring Expo 2024 kicked off on 12 April. The two-day event, organised by YouthNet in collaboration with the Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Nagaland, aims to highlight the talents and products of women entrepreneurs from various sectors.

The expo, which will run until 13 April, features a wide range of businesses owned and operated by women, including food and beverages, fashion, accessories, beauty, wellness, arts, and crafts.

Visitors can interact with the entrepreneurs and gain insights into their creative processes through live workshops held throughout the event.

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Lemnon Wangsha, Joint Director of Industries and Commerce, inaugurated the expo, commending the skilled women entrepreneurs and stressing the importance of consistency and attention to detail in their respective fields.

Razouvikhol Luho, Nodal Officer and Senior Manager of YouthNet, acknowledged the support of various organisations, including the Department of Industries and Commerce, Kohima Municipal Council, Kohima Village Youth Organization, and Tsütuonuomia Khel Council, in making the expo a reality.

Spring Expo 2024 Kohima

Since 2020, YouthNet has been supporting women entrepreneurs through its Women Entrepreneurship Fellowship (YWEF) programme. The initiative has provided mentorship and resources to 60 emerging women entrepreneurs across three cohorts, helping them overcome challenges and grow their businesses.

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The Spring Expo 2024 showcases the increasing support for women entrepreneurs in Nagaland. By offering a platform for these talented individuals to display their products and services, YouthNet and the Department of Industries and Commerce are creating an environment that nurtures innovation, creativity, and economic growth.

As the expo progresses, attendees can look forward to discovering unique and high-quality products, engaging with passionate entrepreneurs, and supporting the growth of women-led businesses in the region. The Spring Expo 2024 is more than just an event; it is a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit and the boundless potential of women in Nagaland.

The expo’s success is a result of the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders, including government agencies, local organisations, and the entrepreneurs themselves. By working together, they have created an opportunity for women to showcase their skills, network with potential customers and investors, and contribute to the economic development of the region.

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As the world continues to recognise the importance of gender equality and women’s empowerment, events like the Spring Expo 2024 play a crucial role in promoting and supporting women-led businesses. By providing a platform for these entrepreneurs to thrive, Nagaland is setting an example for other states and regions to follow.

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