Naga Tailoring and Allied Trade Show Kicks Off in Kohima

Naga Tailoring and Allied Trade Show Kicks Off in Kohima

The much-anticipated Naga Tailoring and Allied Trade Show has officially commenced at the NBCC Convention Centre in Kohima, Nagaland. The two-day event, which began on 12 April 2024, is being organised by the Association of Naga Tailors (ANT) under the theme “Nurturing Naga Tailors and Fashion Designers”.

Rev Dr Zelhou Keyho, General Secretary of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC), graced the opening ceremony as the special guest. He expressed his gratitude to the organisers for bringing together Naga tailors and fashion designers to promote the trade and encourage young entrepreneurs.

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The Naga Tailoring and Allied Trade Show promises to be a lively celebration of Nagaland’s thriving fashion industry. The event features a wide array of activities, including exhibitions, sales, orders, free consultations from all exhibitors, competitions, workshops, plenary sessions, admission to tailoring and designing institutes, book launches, and recruitment opportunities. Participants include Naga designers and tailoring firms from various districts of Nagaland, as well as from neighbouring states.

The plenary sessions will be led by prominent figures in the Naga fashion industry, such as Rosu Rhi (President, Naga Designers Association), Bambi Kevichusa (Proprietor, Bambi K Dimapur), Liyingbeni (Proprietor, Liying Clothing), and Neikhozoto Savino (Principal, Savino Tailoring Institute), among others. These industry leaders will share their insights and experiences, aiming to inspire and guide aspiring tailors and designers as they navigate the exciting world of fashion.

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The NBCC Convention Centre, the venue for the Naga Tailoring and Allied Trade Show, is a state-of-the-art facility boasting innovative design and engineering. The multi-purpose accommodations make it an ideal location for hosting various events, and the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) aims to unite all Baptist Christians, churches, and associations in Nagaland and beyond through its initiatives.

Nagaland has witnessed a growing pool of talented individuals in its fashion industry, as evidenced by previous fashion events such as the V Institute of Fashion Designing Cutting and Tailoring’s 1st annual fashion show in March 2022 and showcases by budding Naga fashion designers.

The Naga Tailoring and Allied Trade Show aims to further nurture and promote this talent, providing a platform for aspiring designers to showcase their skills, network with industry professionals, and gain valuable exposure.

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The Naga Tailoring and Allied Trade Show is expected to attract a large number of visitors, including fashion enthusiasts, aspiring designers, and industry professionals. With its diverse range of activities and opportunities, the event is poised to be a landmark occasion in Nagaland’s fashion calendar, fostering growth and innovation in the industry.

As the event unfolds over the next two days, attendees can look forward to an exciting and informative experience that celebrates the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of Naga tailors and fashion designers.

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