SEC directs strict adherence to NMA and NMER for ULB elections

Nagaland ULB Polls

Nagaland is poised for a significant electoral event as the State Election Commissioner, T John Longkumer, calls for the upcoming Municipal and Town Council elections to adhere strictly to the new legal frameworks established this year.

This directive ensures that the elections will be conducted fairly and within the legal boundaries set by the Nagaland Municipal Act 2023 and the Nagaland Municipal Election Rules 2023.

The Nagaland Municipal Act 2023, recently enacted, lays the groundwork for how urban elections should be managed. It specifies who can vote, who can stand as a candidate, and the necessary qualifications and disqualifications for participation.

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This Act aims to streamline the electoral process and ensure that all candidates and voters meet the required legal standards, fostering a transparent election environment.

Further detailing the electoral process, the Nagaland Municipal Election Rules 2023 outline the procedures for voting and candidacy. These rules are crucial for maintaining the integrity of the elections, specifying everything from how to nominate candidates to the voting mechanisms. For instance, Rule 22 and its subsequent clauses provide a clear blueprint for electoral participation, ensuring that all actions are within the legal scope.

The responsibility for implementing these rules falls on the shoulders of the Deputy Commissioners and Returning Officers in each district. They are tasked with the critical role of overseeing the elections, ensuring that they are conducted according to the stipulated laws and regulations. Their vigilance is essential in preventing any unauthorised practices that could compromise the fairness of the elections.

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Moreover, the Election Commissioner has emphasised the importance of adhering to only the statutes, rules, and instructions officially laid out by the government and the Commission.

Any deviation or the creation of extraneous rules by local groups or individuals is strictly prohibited. Such actions are not only unlawful but also undermine the democratic process, potentially skewing the electoral outcomes and leading to penal consequences.

This stringent adherence to the law is not just about maintaining order; it’s about protecting the rights and privileges of every eligible voter and candidate. It ensures that every participant in the electoral process is on a level playing field, thereby enhancing the democratic integrity of Nagaland’s urban governance.

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As Nagaland prepares for these pivotal elections, the emphasis on legal compliance serves as a reminder of the importance of rule-based governance in strengthening democratic institutions.

The upcoming Municipal and Town Council elections are not just a procedural necessity but a significant step towards more transparent and accountable governance in Nagaland’s urban centres.

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