Proposed Mokokchung airport to enhance connectivity in Northeast

Proposed Mokokchung airport to enhance connectivity in Northeast

Mokokchung is on the cusp of a transformative journey as plans for a new airport take shape. The recently submitted project report by DSR Surveys Pvt. Ltd. outlines the establishment of the ‘Short Landing Strip at Mokokchung’ near Ungma Village, promising to enhance connectivity and fuel local development.

Strategic Location and Thorough Planning

The proposed airport, situated just 3 km south of Ungma Village and 10 km from Mokokchung town, will be easily accessible via the Mokokchung–Tuensang Highway. The site was carefully chosen after an extensive reconnaissance and topographical survey conducted in October 2023.

This comprehensive survey, which identified key natural and man-made features, ensures that the airport’s construction adheres to the stringent international standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

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Runway Design and Operational Parameters

The airport’s design boasts a runway spanning 630 metres in length and 18 metres in width, oriented at 12°/192°. This configuration is tailored to support category 1C operations, accommodating a diverse range of aircraft suitable for short takeoff and landing.

The total area allocated for the airport covers approximately 8.01 hectares, with meticulous plans in place to remove any potential obstacles that could hinder aircraft operations.

To guarantee safety and efficiency, operational parameters such as Take Off Run Available (TORA), Take Off Distance Available (TODA), Accelerate Stop Distance Available (ASDA), and Landing Distance Available (LDA) have been meticulously defined. The nearby Mokokchung Helipad, located just 3.9 kilometres away, further integrates the new airport into the region’s existing aviation infrastructure.

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Alignment with Regional Goals

The Mokokchung airport project aligns seamlessly with the broader regional objectives discussed at the North East Aviation Summit 2023 in Guwahati. The summit, which brought together key players in the aviation industry, emphasised the crucial role of infrastructure projects like this in bolstering economic growth and improving accessibility across the North Eastern States.

Nagaland’s commitment to expanding its aviation facilities, as highlighted by Athrila S Sangtam, Joint Secretary of the Transport Department, at the summit, includes not only the Mokokchung airport but also additional heliports and an aviation academy. These initiatives are vital for the state’s development, unlocking new opportunities for business and tourism that will energise the local economy.

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Community Anticipation and Future Prospects

As the project awaits official approval, excitement is building among the residents of Mokokchung and the surrounding areas. The new airport represents more than just a gateway to the skies; it is a lifeline that will bring a world of possibilities closer to this dynamic community.

The ‘Short Landing Strip at Mokokchung’ is poised to become a catalyst for positive change, connecting the region to the rest of the country and beyond. With its strategic location, meticulous planning, and alignment with regional goals, this airport project is set to redefine the future of Mokokchung and contribute significantly to the growth and prosperity of Nagaland as a whole.

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