Third NAP (IR) jawan dies from heatstroke during Bihar polls

Heatstroke claims another NAP (IR) life in Bihar, toll at 3

Another member of the 10th Nagaland Armed Police (IR) on election duty in Bihar has succumbed to heatstroke, raising the death toll among IR personnel in the region to three. Wetelhou Chakhesang, who joined the police force in 2002 and was in his late 40s, passed away early Saturday morning around 5:30 am.

Wetelhou was on polling duty on Friday when he collapsed due to the extreme heat. He was immediately rushed to a hospital, where doctors discovered internal bleeding and brain damage. Despite being admitted to the ICU, Wetelhou could not be saved and died the following morning. His body is expected to be transported back to Nagaland by road in an ambulance.

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An official source provided updates on the condition of other personnel affected by the heat. Many jawans who were admitted to the hospital have been discharged after receiving first aid treatment. Currently, only six personnel remain hospitalised, but they are reported to be out of danger.

In response to these incidents, precautionary measures have been implemented. IR personnel have been advised to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and electrolytes. Additionally, the battalion is taking steps to send unwell jawans back home as soon as possible.

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The 10 NAP (IR) personnel, who are currently on election duty in Bihar, are expected to return to Nagaland on June 3, provided the polling process concludes smoothly.

In a related development, the source disclosed that the ambulance carrying the remains of Nikiye Tsuipu, another jawan who succumbed to heatstroke, departed from Bihar early Saturday morning around 2:15 am.

This is the third such incident within a short span. On May 26, Akangluba Ao, a jawan from the same battalion, died of heatstroke while on polling duty in Bihar. Subsequently, on May 31, Nikiye Tsuipu also succumbed to heatstroke.

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These tragic incidents have highlighted the severe impact of the extreme heat conditions on the personnel deployed for election duties in Bihar. The loss of three dedicated officers underscores the need for stringent measures to protect those serving in such harsh environments.

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