NBCC urges ethical leadership and responsible voting in ULB elections

NBCC urges ethical leadership and responsible voting in ULB elections

The Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) has issued a powerful appeal to candidates and voters ahead of the upcoming Urban Local Body (ULB) elections in Nagaland. In a statement released on 21 June, the influential religious organisation emphasised the sacred nature of leadership and the importance of selecting capable representatives who prioritise community service.

Rev. Dr. Zelhou Keyho, General Secretary of NBCC, described leadership as a “heavenly gift” and the act of voting as a “God-given opportunity.” He urged candidates to demonstrate their commitment to serving the community, stating that dedication and genuine concern for the colony should be the standard for selecting leaders.

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With the ULB election approaching, it is an appropriate time for candidates to show their commitment to serving the community,” Rev. Keyho said. “We shouldn’t be influenced by speech alone; we must look beyond rhetoric and focus on candidates’ potential to bring positive change.”

The NBCC also addressed voters, highlighting their equal responsibility in the electoral process. The Council encouraged citizens to pray before casting their votes and to choose candidates based on their ability to perform and their concern for the colony.

Rev. Keyho noted that crooked elections have plagued Nagaland’s society for too long, leading to divisive politics and blame games. He called for an end to the “by hook or crook” mentality in politics, advocating instead for a fair and transparent electoral process.

If we are aware of our power, we can vote correctly with a single vote,” Rev. Keyho emphasised. He urged voters to avoid partisan politics and believe in the capability of all candidates.

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The NBCC’s appeal comes at a critical time for local governance in Nagaland, as the state has faced significant challenges in implementing grassroots-level development. The upcoming ULB elections represent a crucial opportunity for progress.

We have had great difficulty implementing development at the local level for a very long period. It’s time to seise this chance to improve the development of our ward and neighbourhood,” the NBCC appealed.

The Council’s message serves as a reminder of the shared responsibility of candidates and voters in shaping the future of their communities. By encouraging ethical leadership and informed voting, the NBCC hopes to pave the way for more effective local governance and improved quality of life for Nagaland’s citizens.

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As Nagaland prepares for this important electoral event, the NBCC’s call for responsible leadership and voting resonates with the broader goal of fostering positive change and development at the local level. The Council’s appeal underscores the significance of the ULB elections in driving community progress and highlights the role of divine responsibility and civic duty in the electoral process.

With the NBCC’s guidance and the commitment of candidates and voters alike, Nagaland has the potential to usher in a new era of effective local governance and sustainable development. The upcoming ULB elections serve as a testament to the power of individual votes and the collective responsibility of the community in shaping a brighter future for all.

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