Nagaland first in NE to release District Domestic Product report, Dimapur tops

Nagaland first in NE to release DDP report, Dimapur tops

Nagaland has become the first state in Northeast India to release a comprehensive District Domestic Product (DDP) report. The report was unveiled by H. Sethrongkyu Sangtam, Advisor for Economics & Statistics and IT & C, during a state-level workshop held at the Capital Convention Centre in Kohima on June 21, 2024.

Insights into Nagaland’s Economic Landscape

The DDP report is the result of the state government’s efforts to create a robust system for estimating Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP). It provides crucial insights into the economic landscape of Nagaland’s districts, revealing Dimapur as the economic powerhouse with the highest Gross District Domestic Product (GDDP) of ₹5,43,611 lakh in 2019-20. In contrast, Longleng has the smallest economy at ₹62,112 lakh.

Nagaland’s overall economic performance is noteworthy, with a current GSDP estimated at ₹39,566 crore and an impressive growth rate of 7.73%. Sangtam emphasised the significance of GSDP in fund allocation by the Ministry of Finance and its role in the upcoming 16th Finance Commission’s deliberations.

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Disparity in Per Capita Income

The report also highlights the disparity in per capita income across districts, with Dimapur leading at ₹1,54,002 and Mon district having the lowest at ₹77,738. Chief Secretary Dr. J. Alam, IAS, commended the improved data quality and stressed its importance in dispelling misconceptions about the state.

Dr. Prafulla Chandra Mishra from the Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation praised Nagaland’s initiative, noting the DDP report’s potential impact on aspirational districts and local development.

Commissioner & Secretary Mohammad Ali Shihab A, IAS, emphasised the report’s role in informed policy-making and suggested Nagaland could serve as a model for other states in micro-level data analysis.

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Enhancing Understanding and Collaboration

The workshop, attended by senior officials, policymakers, and departmental representatives, aimed to enhance understanding of GSDP and DDP among stakeholders and foster collaboration between data producers and users. It featured technical sessions on regional accounts, GSDP overview, and DDP details.

Director Neidilhou Keditsu of the Directorate of Economics & Statistics highlighted the state government’s efforts in creating a system for robust GSDP estimation. He emphasised the importance of efficient data collection, transparent data utilisation, and adequate data transmission for a sound economy.

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A New Standard in Regional Economic Analysis

As Nagaland sets a new standard in regional economic analysis, this pioneering effort marks a significant step towards data-driven governance and economic planning in Northeast India. The DDP report is expected to play a crucial role in addressing inter-district economic disparities, promoting balanced regional development, and realising the economic potential of each district.

The release of the DDP report is a testament to Nagaland’s commitment to evidence-based policy-making and its leadership in economic analysis among the northeastern states. With this initiative, Nagaland has paved the way for a more informed and targeted approach to economic development, setting an example for other states to follow.

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