Nagaland Medical Students Demand Transparency in Medical Officer Recruitment

Nagaland Medical Students' Association

The Nagaland Medical Students’ Association (NMSA) is calling for increased transparency in the recruitment of Medical Officers in the state, expressing dissatisfaction with the Nagaland Public Service Commission’s (NPSC) recent advert for the Combined Technical Services Examination 2024, which notably omitted these crucial positions.

It has been three years since the last recruitment of Medical Officers through the NPSC CTSE in 2021. This omission is particularly alarming given Nagaland’s growing need for healthcare professionals. The state currently has one doctor for every 4,056 people, a far cry from the WHO-recommended ratio of one doctor per 1,000 people.

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The NMSA highlights the plight of more than 250 medical graduates who have been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to compete for these positions since the last exam. With the increasing number of medical graduates each year, the competition intensifies, and the urgency for recruitment becomes even more pressing.

The association is demanding the inclusion of all 22 seats occupied by in-service doctors who have joined the new state medical college, Nagaland Institute of Medical Science and Research (NIMSR).

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They argue that these seats should be advertised for recruitment through NPSC’s written and viva voce examinations, giving all eligible candidates a fair chance to compete.

Furthermore, the NMSA is urging the government to initiate prompt recruitment measures for all sanctioned Medical Officer posts currently occupied by state contract doctors and contractual COVID doctor appointees.

This would ensure that all eligible graduates have a fair chance to qualify by merit and contribute to the state’s healthcare services.

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The association is appealing to conscientious citizens, civil society organisations, student bodies, and the government to prevent the erosion of the healthcare system by ensuring that Medical Officers are recruited through a transparent, advertised process involving written exams and viva voce conducted by the NPSC. They stress the importance of maintaining a meritocracy that upholds the integrity and quality of the state’s healthcare services.

The NMSA’s demands shine a spotlight on the critical need for a transparent and merit-based recruitment process for Medical Officers in Nagaland. As the state grapples with a shortage of healthcare professionals, it is imperative that the government takes swift action to address these concerns and ensure that qualified medical graduates are given the opportunity to serve their community.

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By doing so, Nagaland can work towards enhancing its healthcare system and providing its citizens with the quality care they deserve. The future of Nagaland’s healthcare lies in the hands of the government and the NPSC, and it is their responsibility to ensure that the recruitment process is fair, transparent, and merit-based.

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