YAA Tells Teachers to Report or Face Consequences

YAA Tells Teachers to Report or Face Consequences

In a move to safeguard the quality of education in Nagaland, India, the influential Yimkhiung Akherü Arihako has declared a firm stance against teacher absenteeism. On April 4, 2024, the YAA issued a strict directive demanding all government teachers within the Yimkhiung jurisdiction to report to their designated schools by April 8th and diligently carry out their teaching responsibilities.

This decisive action stems from the organisation receiving numerous concerning reports of teachers neglecting their duties and being absent from their assigned schools.

Worse still, some teachers have allegedly resorted to hiring unauthorised proxy instructors to stand in their place – a practice the YAA strongly condemns.

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The YAA believes that these actions amount to a severe breach of duty and significantly impede students’ access to quality education. Their directive seeks to ensure that students receive the instruction they are entitled to, delivered by the qualified teachers meant to guide them.

To enforce compliance, the YAA has empowered its local federating units. These units are now responsible for closely monitoring teacher attendance and holding those who violate the order or neglect their responsibilities accountable through disciplinary measures. Should local action prove insufficient, the YAA has instructed units to escalate matters to the organisation’s main office.

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The YAA’s commitment to combating teacher absenteeism is longstanding. Back in 2022, the organisation passed a resolution firmly outlawing the practice of using proxy teachers within its schools. This recent directive serves as a potent reminder of that zero-tolerance policy and their determination to see it enforced.

Sadly, teacher absenteeism and the reliance on substitute instructors are chronic problems throughout many rural parts of India. Often this stems from inadequate accountability and oversight systems.

The YAA’s actions represent a concerted effort by a local body to tackle this issue directly, ensuring students in their region get the education they need for a brighter future.

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As the April 8th deadline approaches, the Yimkhiung Akherü Arihako’s resolve remains unwavering. By holding teachers to the highest standards, the organisation aims to lay a stronger foundation for education in Nagaland.

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