Kohima hosts first state-level government schools choir competition

Kohima hosts first state-level government schools choir competition

Nagaland witnessed its first-ever state-level government schools choir competition at RCEMPA, Jotsoma. Organised by Samagra Shiksha Nagaland, the event marked a significant milestone in the state’s approach to music education, aligning with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020’s emphasis on the importance of music in the educational framework.

The competition featured enthusiastic participation from ten government higher secondary schools across the state, with each school submitting entries of folk songs/fusions and the national anthem.

GHSS Chümoukedima clinched the first place in the folk song/fusion category, while Dr Neilhouzhü Kire GHSS Kohima and GHSS Chozuba secured the second and third places, respectively.

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Kevileno Angami, Commissioner and Secretary of School Education and SCERT, highlighted the significance of music as a subject in the Nagaland board examination, stating,

“Music is now one of the subjects which is being assessed in the board examination and is therefore not just a hobby anymore. It is a subject which will be assessed and would be a career for many.”

Temsunaro Aier, State Mission Director, Samagra Shiksha Nagaland, emphasised the alignment of this initiative with the NEP 2020, which advocates for a holistic understanding of educational issues.

The choir competition, part of a state-specific innovation project under Samagra Shiksha, aims to encourage schools to incorporate music into their activities, recognising its cognitive benefits such as enhanced memory capacity, concentration, and overall performance.

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The event not only showcased the musical talents of the students but also emphasised the values of teamwork, discipline, and time management inherent in choir performances.

As Nagaland continues to embrace its musical heritage within the educational system, the success of this choir competition promises a brighter future for music education in the state, inspiring more schools and students to participate in the coming years.

The introduction of music as a subject in 46 government higher secondary schools on a pilot basis in 2018-19 has paved the way for its formal assessment in board examinations, with 25 schools submitting entries for the competition.

This initiative underscores the importance of music as a subject in the Nagaland board examination, highlighting its role beyond a mere hobby to a potential career path for students.

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As Nagaland takes strides towards integrating music into its educational curriculum, the first state-level government schools choir competition serves as a testament to the state’s commitment to fostering creativity, cultural preservation, and holistic development among its students.

With the NEP 2020 placing significant value on music education, Nagaland’s efforts to promote and nurture musical talent within its schools are set to inspire other states to follow suit, ushering in a new era of music education in India.

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