NCD urges DCCI, State Government to restore normalcy in Dimapur

NCD urges DCCI, State Government to restore normalcy in Dimapur

The Naga Council Dimapur (NCD), under the leadership of President Etsungmomo Kikon and Vice Presidents GK Rengma and Holuto Aye, has given the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industries (DCCI) and the State Government a strict 48-hour deadline to resolve the ongoing indefinite shutter down in Dimapur, which has severely impacted businesses in the New Market area and beyond.

The shutter down, initiated by the DCCI in protest against alleged extortion by underground groups, has garnered support from traders’ bodies across Nagaland, reflecting widespread frustration within the business community.

The economic disruption caused by the closure, now in its second day, has brought to light deeper issues of governance and law enforcement in the region.

In a meeting convened by the NCD with apex tribal bodies and civil society organisations, the council noted the absence of representatives from the DCCI and the Confederation of Nagaland Chamber of Commerce and Industries (CNCCI).

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The NCD leadership expressed concerns over the lack of implementation of Cease Fire Ground Rules and the government’s alleged divide and rule policy, emphasising the need for a permanent solution to the Indo-Naga political talks.

The NCD outlined their demands in a letter to the Chief Secretary of Nagaland, warning of severe consequences if the issue is not resolved within the specified timeframe. The council’s ultimatum underscores the urgent need for stability and security for businesses, which are crucial for Nagaland’s economic well-being.

Furthermore, the NCD has taken a firm stance against future arbitrary strikes or bandhs, asserting that such actions will not be allowed without their consent. This move reflects a structured approach to conflict resolution and an attempt to prevent further disruptions to the business community.

The NCD has also expressed appreciation to the State Government for taking the issue seriously and for issuing specific instructions to follow the ceasefire ground rules strictly.

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The council has reaffirmed its earlier resolution that no arbitrary imposition of lightning bandhs or strikes will be allowed under its jurisdiction without its permission.

The next two days will be pivotal in determining whether a peaceful resolution can be achieved or if further actions will be necessary to address the grievances of the affected parties.

The citizens of Dimapur and Nagaland await a swift and effective response from the DCCI and the State Government, as the outcome of this crisis will have far-reaching implications for the business community and the overall well-being of the region.

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In case of failure to resolve the shutter down issue within the two-day deadline, the NCD, along with other CSOs, Tribal Hohos, Unions, and Associations, will be compelled to take further stringent actions in Dimapur District.

The gravity of the situation calls for immediate action and cooperation from all stakeholders to prevent further escalation and to ensure the restoration of normalcy in the region.

As the deadline approaches, the eyes of the nation are on Dimapur, hoping for a swift and amicable resolution to this crisis. The NCD’s ultimatum serves as a stark reminder of the need for effective governance, open dialogue, and the resolution of longstanding political issues that continue to impact the region’s stability and economic prospects.

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