Dana White declares: “Slap events have more cameras and better production quality than NFL, NBA, and MLB”

Dana White

In a captivating episode of The Pete and Sebastian Show, UFC President Dana White made bold claims about the meteoric rise and unparalleled production quality of his latest venture, Power Slap. The slap fighting league, launched just 13 months ago, has already surpassed several major sports organizations in terms of viewership and social media following, according to White.

“Power Slap beats every sport on Earth combined, multiplied by four, when it comes to views,” White confidently stated. The league boasts an impressive 13 million followers on social media, outperforming the NHL, PGA, NASCAR, and rapidly approaching Major League Baseball.

White’s enthusiasm for the sport’s potential was palpable as he recounted the league’s humble beginnings. “I saw these guys slapping each other on Instagram, and it had 350 million views on YouTube. I thought, what would happen if I did it, put great production value to it, and turned it into a sport?” The results have been extraordinary.

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The UFC President also took immense pride in the league’s superior production quality, claiming that Power Slap events feature more cameras and angles than the NFL. “We have more cameras than the NFL does when we shoot Slap. There are like 34 different angles of the slap,” White boasted. He challenged other major sports leagues to match the production value of Power Slap within their first few shows.

White’s vision for the sport extends beyond mere entertainment. He highlighted the life-changing opportunities Power Slap provides for its athletes, many of whom come from challenging backgrounds. “Some people, when they see a combat sport, don’t realize the hardship these people have had in life. The fact that they can compete in something like this is life-changing for a lot of these kids,” White emphasized.

Dana White: Power Slap outshines NFL, NBA, MLB in production

As Power Slap continues to gain traction globally, with leagues popping up in Brazil and other parts of the world, White remains focused on the sport’s evolution. The league is investing in training and performance institutes to help athletes refine their techniques and improve their overall performance.

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During the podcast, White also shared his insights on building empires and maintaining a rigorous health routine. When asked if he had always envisioned his current success, White revealed that he had known exactly what he wanted to do since the age of 19. “I’m one of these guys that when I say I’m going to do something, I do it. I just do it. I figure out a way to do it and get it done,” he stated.

White’s determination and drive have been instrumental in the UFC’s global success, and he now brings that same energy to Power Slap. He expressed his love for negativity and proving doubters wrong, a mindset that has fueled his entrepreneurial spirit.

The UFC President also discussed his recent visit to the Sphere in Las Vegas, a state-of-the-art entertainment venue. White was blown away by the Sphere’s potential and immediately knew he wanted to host events there. “I don’t care who’s playing there, what they have going on. The star of the show is the Sphere,” he remarked.

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White’s passion for combat sports extends beyond the UFC and Power Slap. He is heavily invested in Mexico, opening performance institutes where fighters can train for free and receive comprehensive support. White aims to impact the lives of young people by providing them with opportunities to learn martial arts, proper nutrition, and valuable life skills.

As Dana White continues to push the boundaries of combat sports and entertainment, his unwavering belief in Power Slap’s potential and his commitment to delivering unrivaled production quality have positioned the sport for even greater success in the coming years. With his track record of turning doubters into believers, it remains to be seen just how far Power Slap will go under White’s leadership.

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