Chubalemba B Chang motivates GHSS Tuensang students to dream big

Chubalemba B Chang motivates GHSS Tuensang students to dream big

In an awe-inspiring visit to his alma mater, Government Higher Secondary School (GHSS) Tuensang, Chubalemba B Chang, a UPSC topper with an impressive All India Rank of 915 in the 2023 examination, shared his extraordinary journey to success with the school’s teaching faculty and students from classes 9-12.

Overcoming Challenges and Scepticism

During the interactive session held on 15 May in the school auditorium, Chubalemba candidly revealed that his path to success was riddled with challenges and failures. Financial constraints prevented him from pursuing his studies outside the town after matriculation, but he remained undeterred in his quest for excellence.

He also addressed the scepticism surrounding his educational background, with some doubting that he had studied at GHSS Tuensang. Chubalemba encouraged the students to believe in their own potential, emphasising that if he could persevere and achieve success, they could too.

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A Testament to Hard Work and Sincerity

Jungdan, one of Chubalemba’s former teachers, described him as a shy, obedient, hardworking, and sincere student. She praised his achievements, noting that he stands tall as a successful person through his efforts and serves as an inspiration to many youngsters, remaining a testament to the potential of education.

Nurturing Students and Providing Tools for Success

Vice Principal Apenro Khuvung emphasised the school’s commitment to nurturing students and providing them with the tools for success. The idea behind organising the programme was not only to celebrate Chubalemba’s success but also to create a platform for students to interact with a local hero, as the school believes that students need role models and representation matters.

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Valuable Advice for Students

During the interactive session, Chubalemba fielded questions from curious students seeking inspiration. He credited his parents for their unwavering support and encouraged students to be unique without becoming introverted or falling into bad habits.

He stressed the importance of respecting and focusing on all subjects with determination, regardless of one’s academic background. He also acknowledged the pivotal role played by his teachers and the school in moulding him into a conscientious individual. He also advised the students to steer clear of substance abuse and exercise prudence while using mobile devices.

A Lasting Impact

The event, which featured a performance by the School Choir and was chaired by Tsetahoi of Class 12 Science, left a lasting impact on the students of GHSS Tuensang.

Chubalemba’s story of perseverance and success serves as a shining example of what can be achieved through dedication and hard work, inspiring the next generation to dream big and never give up on their goals.

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His visit to GHSS Tuensang not only celebrated his achievements but also provided students with a valuable opportunity to learn from a local hero who overcame challenges to reach great heights.

As the students of GHSS Tuensang look to the future, they can draw strength and motivation from Chubalemba’s remarkable journey, knowing that with hard work, determination, and the support of their school and community, they too can achieve their dreams and make a positive impact on the world around them.

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