How Congress pulled off a historic win in Nagaland’s lone Lok Sabha seat

How Congress pulled off a historic win in Nagaland's lone Lok Sabha seat

In a historic turn of events, the Indian National Congress (INC) clinched the lone Lok Sabha seat in Nagaland during the 2024 elections, marking a significant victory after two decades. This win is particularly notable as Nagaland emerged as the state with the highest percentage of voters supporting Congress in the entire country. This article delves into the factors that contributed to this unexpected victory and the broader implications for Nagaland’s political landscape.

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Historical Context

The Congress party has had a tumultuous history in Nagaland. The last time Congress won a Lok Sabha seat in the state was in 1999. Over the years, the party’s influence waned significantly, with no representation in the state assembly since 2014. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Congress candidate KL Chishi narrowly lost to NDPP’s Tokheho Yepthomi by 16,344 votes. This backdrop of political decline set the stage for a remarkable comeback in 2024.

S Supongmeren Jamir
S. Supongmeren Jami

Campaign Strategies

One of the pivotal factors in Congress’s victory was the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra led by Rahul Gandhi. Gandhi’s extensive campaign in Nagaland, which included visits to various regions and interactions with local communities, played a crucial role in swaying voter sentiment. His efforts to connect with the electorate and address their concerns resonated deeply, revitalising the party’s image and appeal.

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Local Issues and Voter Sentiment

Several local issues significantly influenced the election outcome. The demand for a separate Frontier Nagaland Territory by the Eastern Nagaland Public Organisation (ENPO) led to a boycott of the elections in six districts: Mon, Kiphire, Longleng, Noklak, Shamator, and Tuensang.

This boycott resulted in a record zero voter turnout in these regions, which traditionally favoured the NDPP. The absence of votes from these districts likely impacted the overall results, tilting the balance in favour of Congress.

Voter Demographics and Turnout

Nagaland Highest percentage of voters to vote for Congress in India
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Nagaland’s voter turnout for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections was 57.72%, with 13.25 lakh people casting their votes. Out of those who voted, 52.76% supported the Congress candidate S. Supongmeren Jamir, making it the highest percentage of Congress voters in any state across India. This overwhelming support can be attributed to a combination of effective campaigning, addressing local issues, and the strategic absence of votes from the ENPO districts.

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Comparative Analysis

Comparing the voter support for Congress in Nagaland with other states reveals a unique scenario. While Congress struggled to maintain a foothold in many regions, Nagaland’s electorate showed a decisive shift.

The victory margin of over 50,000 votes against NDPP’s Dr. Chumben Murry underscores the significant support Congress garnered. This shift is particularly striking given the NDPP-BJP alliance’s stronghold in the state, backed by 60 MLAs and 2 MPs.


The Congress party’s victory in Nagaland’s lone Lok Sabha seat is a testament to the power of strategic campaigning, addressing local issues, and the impact of voter boycotts. Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra played a crucial role in reconnecting the party with the electorate, while the ENPO’s boycott significantly influenced the election dynamics.

This win not only marks a historic comeback for Congress in Nagaland but also sets the stage for potential shifts in the state’s political landscape in future elections.

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The implications of this victory are profound, signalling a possible revival of Congress in Nagaland and highlighting the importance of addressing local issues and engaging with the electorate at a grassroots level.

As Nagaland’s new Lok Sabha representative, S. Supongmeren Jamir’s role will be pivotal in shaping the state’s future political discourse and addressing the aspirations of its people.

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