Blend In Events celebrates World Music Day with Rockvival 3.0 in Nagaland

Blend In Events celebrates World Music Day with Rockvival 3.0 in Nagaland

Blend In Events’ third edition of World Music Day Rockvival 3.0 rocked the Imkongmeren Sports Complex, drawing over 500 music enthusiasts. The event, backed by Nagaland Minerals & Mines and the Task Force for Music and Arts (TAFMA), showcased an impressive lineup of local and regional talent.

The Rockvival Project headlined the evening, delivering a powerful performance that set the tone for the event. Other notable acts included MIMBIT, Hailinator, and Stereo Groove, each bringing their unique sound to the stage.

Blyth, featuring Rongpangnok Ozukum, the state’s youngest drummer, captivated the audience with their energetic set. Solo artist Tubesreeeamer rounded out the diverse lineup, demonstrating the depth of musical talent in the region.

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Nichet Jamir, serving as the event’s emcee, kept the energy high between performances with her charismatic presence. The favourable weather conditions allowed for uninterrupted enjoyment of the music, much to the relief of organisers and attendees alike.

The event’s production values received high praise from both performers and audience members. Audiogarage and Meanmachine Prolightz from Dimapur provided top-notch sound and lighting, enhancing the overall experience and creating a professional atmosphere for the performances.

Rockvival 3.0 in Nagaland

Blend In Events, the organisation behind Rockvival, has come a long way since its inception. Founded by Wapang Jamir with support from friends and family, the company’s first event was a performance by “trance effect” at Urban Hub café in Mokokchung on May 4, 2022.

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This initial success paved the way for the Rockvival series, with the first edition featuring “About Us” band as the headliner, alongside collaborations with local artists Tiatemsu Jamir, N Yanger Lemtur, Bendangonen, and Imchayanger.

The organisers expressed their heartfelt gratitude to all event partners, sponsors, and individuals who contributed to the success of Rockvival 3.0. They emphasised the crucial role of community support in nurturing and promoting local talent, highlighting the event’s significance in Nagaland’s cultural calendar.

As the third edition of World Music Day Rockvival came to a close, it was clear that the event had not only provided a platform for musicians but had also strengthened the bonds within Nagaland’s music community.

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With its growing popularity and commitment to showcasing diverse talents, Rockvival has firmly established itself as a cornerstone event in the region’s music scene, promising even greater things for future editions.

The success of Rockvival 3.0 demonstrates the vibrant and evolving music culture in Nagaland, as well as the increasing demand for live music events in the region. As Blend In Events continues to grow and develop, music enthusiasts in Nagaland can look forward to more exciting and diverse musical experiences in the years to come.

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