Flash Floods Ravage Longsa Village, 182 Families Hit

Flash Floods Ravage Longsa Village, 182 Families Hit

Longsa Village, a hub of thriving vegetable production in Nagaland, is now grappling with an unprecedented crisis as relentless rainfall since the late evening of 19 April 2024, has triggered catastrophic flash floods.

The natural disaster has left the fields of 182 families in ruins, coinciding with the polling day for the Lok Sabha election for Nagaland Parliamentary Constituency.

Widespread Destruction Across Farming Community

Flood destroys crops in Longsa, Mokokchung

Out of the approximately 280 farming families in Longsa, an astounding 182 have been severely impacted, while another 31 have experienced minor damages. The flash floods have spared no one, affecting 18 families engaged in vegetable and fruit cultivation and completely washing away 24 families’ fishery ponds.

The timing of this calamity is particularly devastating, as it has struck at a critical juncture in the agricultural calendar, jeopardising the entire year’s harvest and sufficiency.

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Infrastructure and Irrigation Projects Washed Away

The damage isn’t confined to just individual farms; key infrastructure has also been struck by the floods. Heavy water flow has caused serious damage to the Tzütsüng Irrigation Dam in Moalenden Village, which falls under the jurisdiction of Longsa.

Four water sources at Meremtu have been utterly obliterated, while several major irrigation projects, including Mesemsü, Ajakmeret, Merangmeret, Alutemtem, Yimlu, and Waitzü-Tamatai, have been washed away.

Famous Longsa Chillies Face Substantial Losses

Talichuba Tatar, Chairman of Longsa Village, conveyed profound regret concerning the extensive damage, notably the destruction of chilli farms, the full scale of which remains unclear owing to time limitations.

Longsa chillies, famous in markets across major districts like Kohima, Dimapur, and Mokokchung, face substantial losses, further compounding the economic impact of the disaster.

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Tzütsüng Bridge in Precarious State

Flash Flood Mokokchung

Tsüktisangba, Chairman of Moalenden Village within the Longsa jurisdiction, further affirmed the detrimental impacts on nearly 40 of the village’s roughly 60 families, highlighting the essential function of the Tzütsüng Bridge as a vital connection on the National Highway to Tuensang District.

Tsüktisangba, Chairman of Moalenden Village under Longsa jurisdiction, further confirmed the adverse effects on nearly 40 out of the village’s approximately 60 families, emphasising the critical role of the Tzütsüng Bridge as a lifeline on the National Highway to Tuensang District.

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District Administration Takes Swift Action

In response to this crisis, the Mokokchung District Administration has taken swift action. On 23 April 2024, they conducted a spot verification visit in collaboration with the Longsa Village Council to assess the affected areas firsthand. This crucial step will help guide relief efforts and support for the devastated community as they begin the long road to recovery.

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