RPP Accuses NDPP of Neglecting Naga Identity as State Faces Hostile Threats


The Rising People’s Party (RPP) has launched a scathing attack on the ruling Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) and Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, accusing them of failing to address critical issues affecting Naga society. The RPP claims that despite Rio’s promises to protect Naga faith and identity, his actions have left the state exposed to hostile forces.

One of the main points of contention raised by the RPP is Rio’s approval in 2010 for setting up the Rani Gaidinliu Library-cum-Memorial Museum in Kohima. The party argues that had this project come to fruition, it could have potentially become a hub for Heraka and RSS activities in Nagaland, posing a threat to the state’s religious and cultural fabric.

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The RPP also criticises Rio’s apparent silence on pressing matters such as the persecution of Christians, the burning of churches in Manipur, the Assam Healing Practices Act that endangers Christian missions, and Nagaland University’s recent decision to declare Easter Sunday 2024 as a working day. The party asserts that these issues directly impact the religious freedom and sentiments of the Naga people, and the government’s lack of response is deeply concerning.

Under Rio’s leadership, the RPP points out that yoga teachers were appointed in all government schools and received honorariums, a move that has raised eyebrows in the predominantly Christian state. The party questions the necessity and appropriateness of such appointments, given the religious sensitivities involved.

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Furthermore, the RPP alleges that the NDPP government has been lax in strictly enforcing the Inner Line Permit (ILP) system in Dimapur, leading to an influx of immigrants and the growth of fundamentalist organisations in the city. The party argues that this negligence has compromised the safety and security of the Naga people and their way of life.

As the RPP continues to voice its concerns and criticisms, it calls upon the NDPP and Chief Minister Rio to take immediate action to address these pressing issues. The party demands that the government prioritise the protection of Naga faith, identity, and religious freedom, and take concrete steps to curb the influence of hostile forces in the state.

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The RPP’s allegations have sparked a heated debate in Nagaland’s political circles, with many citizens eagerly awaiting the government’s response. As the state navigates the challenges of preserving its unique identity and ensuring the well-being of its people, it is crucial that the government engages in open dialogue and takes decisive action to address the concerns raised by the opposition party.

The coming days and weeks will be critical in determining the course of Nagaland’s political landscape, as the NDPP and Chief Minister Rio face mounting pressure to demonstrate their commitment to the welfare of the Naga people and the preservation of their cherished values and traditions.

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