Microsoft Edge to launch AI-powered theme generator in June 2024

Microsoft Edge to launch AI-powered theme generator in June 2024

Microsoft is set to introduce an AI-powered theme generator for its Edge browser in June 2024. This innovative feature will allow users to create personalised themes by simply inputting text prompts, which the AI will then use to generate unique images for the browser’s background.

According to sources familiar with the development, the AI theme generator will provide Edge users with an unprecedented level of customisation. By entering a few lines of text, users will be able to preview a series of AI-generated images and select their preferred option to apply as the background for the Edge new tab page.

The browser frame will also intelligently adapt its colour scheme to complement the chosen image, resulting in a seamless and visually stunning browsing experience.

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However, it is important to note that access to this feature may be restricted in certain corporate or organisational settings. Administrators will have the ability to control the availability of the AI theme generator using the “AIGenThemesEnabled” policy, ensuring that companies can maintain their desired level of uniformity and security across employee browsers.

The introduction of the AI theme generator is a testament to Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to integrate artificial intelligence into its products. In recent months, Edge has seen several AI-powered enhancements, such as advanced image-editing tools and the ability to adjust browser settings using AI. This latest addition further solidifies Microsoft’s commitment to leveraging AI to enhance user experience and productivity.

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Microsoft has already showcased the potential of AI-generated backgrounds with the launch of a similar feature in Microsoft Teams earlier this year.

Premium users of the video conferencing platform can now create AI-generated backgrounds for their meetings, adding a touch of personalisation to their virtual interactions.

As the June 2024 release date draws closer, Microsoft Edge users can expect to see the AI theme generator feature appear in the Edge Beta channel a week or so before its official launch. While the exact date remains under wraps, anticipation is building for this cutting-edge addition to the browser.

Alongside the development of the AI theme generator, Microsoft continues to refine and improve Edge’s performance and functionality. The recent release of Edge version 124 in the Stable channel introduced a new internet speed test in the browser’s sidebar, while Edge 125, currently in beta testing, brings forth a new way for users to control the browser’s RAM usage, further optimising performance.

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As Microsoft forges ahead with its AI integration efforts, the Edge browser is poised to offer users an increasingly personalised and efficient browsing experience.

With the AI theme generator on the horizon, users can look forward to creating unique, visually stunning themes that reflect their individual preferences and style, taking their browsing experience to new heights.

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