Kiphire Gears Up for Monsoon Season with Proactive Measures

Kiphire Gears Up for Monsoon Season with Proactive Measures

Kiphire, Nagaland – As the monsoon season approaches, the District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) in Kiphire, Nagaland, convened a crucial meeting on April 5, 2024, to discuss and plan for the challenges that lie ahead.

Chaired by Temsuwati Longkumer, the Deputy Commissioner and Chairman of DDMA Kiphire, the meeting saw the participation of various stakeholders, all united in their goal to ensure the district’s readiness for the monsoons.

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Kiphire district, known for its hilly terrain and heavy rainfall, has been prone to landslides and floods during this season, often leading to infrastructure damage and disruption of daily life.

In previous years, the DDMA has been proactively working to mitigate the impact of monsoons by conducting regular meetings, issuing advisories, and coordinating with various departments. This year’s meeting was no different, as the authorities sought to build upon their past experiences and implement a comprehensive preparedness plan.

One of the key directives issued during the meeting was to the National Highway and R&B departments, who were tasked with clearing town roads and roads leading to villages before the onset of heavy monsoon rains. This measure is crucial in ensuring public safety and convenient transportation, especially in light of the upcoming election.

The DDMA also addressed the need for emergency supplies and resources. Petrol pump owners were advised to keep oil stocks ready for emergencies, while the Kiphire Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KTCCI) was directed to ensure the availability of food stock.

Fire and Emergency services, Medical services, IR battalion, and other stakeholders were directed to stay prepared for their respective tasks, ensuring a swift response in case of any unforeseen events.

In a bid to create awareness about the importance of disaster preparedness and the steps individuals can take to stay safe during the monsoon season, the members of the DDMA decided to organise a mass social work initiative in the town areas.

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The focus of this initiative will be to clear water-stagnated areas and drainages blocked by waste deposits, which can potentially lead to landslides and pose a threat to public safety.

By involving the community in this effort, the district administration aims to foster a sense of shared responsibility and encourage citizens to take an active role in mitigating the risks associated with the monsoon season.

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