Jubilee Memorial College Embraces World Heritage Day

Jubilee Memorial College World Heritage Day

Jubilee Memorial College (JMC) in Mokokchung hosted a captivating event on 17 April 2024, to celebrate World Heritage Day. The gathering, organised by the college’s History Department, revolved around the theme ‘Connections, Routes and Networks’, emphasising the importance of preserving cultural heritage through innovative and sustainable practices.

Limalenden, the esteemed Editor of Mokokchung Times, graced the occasion as the guest speaker. In his passionate address, he delved into the intrinsic value of heritage and identity, asserting that these are not mere attributes to be borrowed but are inherent qualities that define communities.

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Limalenden encouraged the audience, especially the youth, to maintain strong connections with their ancestral villages, recognising the Naga people’s deep-rooted ties to their heritage.

The event took an innovative turn as students from the History Department constructed traditional morungs using recycled materials. This creative project not only highlighted the fusion of tradition and modernity but also served as an educational tool.

The students explored the historical significance of morungs across various cultures, deepening their appreciation and understanding of global heritage.

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The JMC campus was transformed into a visual spectacle, with nine morungs adorning the grounds, each accompanied by informative posters. These displays shed light on the significance of World Heritage Day and explored the crucial role of heritage conservation in promoting sustainable development.

The hands-on learning experience provided by this exhibition made the abstract concepts of heritage preservation more tangible and relatable for visitors.

Jubilee Memorial College, Mokokchung

The event was seamlessly conducted by Imkongrenla, a BA 6th semester student, while Dr. Imtiwati Jamir, the Principal of JMC, delivered the opening remarks. He emphasised the college’s commitment to cultural education and the preservation of heritage.

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The celebration was further enriched by a captivating folk fusion performance, which blended traditional Naga elements with contemporary music, symbolising the theme of interconnectedness.

Molongnenla Pongen, Assistant Professor in the Department of History, concluded the event with a heartfelt vote of thanks. She expressed gratitude towards all participants and attendees for their engagement and dedication to heritage conservation.

The World Heritage Day celebration at Jubilee Memorial College not only underscored the vital role of heritage in our lives but also showcased the innovative approaches the younger generation is adopting to engage with and preserve these traditions for future sustainability.

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Through such initiatives, JMC continues to be a trailblazer in cultural education and heritage preservation, inspiring other institutions and communities to follow in their footsteps.

Jubilee Memorial College’s celebration of World Heritage Day serves as a shining example of how educational institutions can play a pivotal role in fostering a deep appreciation for our roots and empowering the youth to become custodians of our invaluable heritage.

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