Hikithe Achumi

Most successful horror movies

Horror Movies Analysis: Supercomputer Picks the Most Successful Horror Sequels & Prequels of All Time

A recent analysis by VegasInsider’s supercomputer has delved into over 350 horror movies from more than 70 franchises to determine the most and least successful horror sequels, prequels, remakes, and spin-offs of all time. The study evaluated these films based on worldwide gross, return on investment (ROI), IMDb ratings, Metacritic scores, and Rotten Tomatoes scores….

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AI Companionship

AI Companionship: A potential solution to the global loneliness epidemic

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is emerging as a potential solution to the global loneliness epidemic. With millions of people worldwide experiencing chronic loneliness, AI companions are being developed to offer emotional support and companionship, potentially transforming the way we address social isolation. The Loneliness Epidemic Loneliness is a significant public health issue, affecting millions globally….

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